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MarriedMayArgh! I can’t believe we are already at our first day in May. It took me a while to decide what to do, either just instagram pics or do a blog post so I decided to do both. I will write about my story/plans but also my mistakes and dream wedding details plus a little round up of my favourites from that day. They will go up at 6pm each day. (apart from today, because I didn’t realise how many people would be taking part!) Thank you to everyone who has taken part so far.


So. My proposal story, I don’t even know in my years of blogging if I have shared much about my own wedding? Well here we go. Michael and I were in Stamford, he snuck off for a little while with my sister, then to be with my parents (yeah, it didn’t click) it turns out that he took Lili, my sister to choose my ring.

Well, Lili is known within our family for being a bit of a blabber mouth. So whilst Michael was with my parents she told me that he had gone to pick up my engagement ring. She at least didn’t tell me what it looked like. Michael came back from the pub, we had one more night in Stamford then we were driving back up to Leeds.

I couldn’t hold in my excitement any longer and during the car journey back I told him I knew he bought me an engagement ring, (and was therefore going to propose) he was annoyed but said that it didn’t matter, I wouldn’t know when it would happen.

That Saturday we were booked in to a fancy restaurant, plans that had been made prior to our Stamford trip (oh hello) so I 100% knew that this was it. This was my engagement eve. I text my best friend, got dressed up and enjoyed a lovely dinner, all for nothing to occur. Michael did this repeatedly over the next few weeks, insinuating it was a ‘special’ dinner. Each time, my heart would get excited that it would happen. And it never did.

So the 6th of October 2008, a cold morning after a very beautiful dinner in town, we woke up and Michael trundled downstairs to make me a cup of tea. I was sat in bed, as he handed me the tea and I popped it behind on the bedside table, I turned back to Mr Miller on one knee, in his boxers. This was it. This was my moment. And I wasn’t wearing a single thing…

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