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brocante wedding inspirationPhoebe, why didn’t you just write “rustic french” inspiration? Because a) that would be far too SEO friendly and b) this goes above and beyond stylised Laura Ashley  style French “shabby chic”. OKAY? 

I recently watched the Richard E Grant programme Dirty Weekenders in France (or some such title). The idea of gallivanting around the french countryside sourcing secondhand items for your wedding sounds magical don’t you think? There is a definite emphasis on simplicity of design. Whether it is old glassware or linen, it’s the beauty and elegance in every day objects that make french flea markets so alluring. I think it makes perfect wedding inspiration, really pared back, greys, nudes, whites, greens. Glass, wood, zinc and linen. Beautiful non?

brocante inspiration

I could have kept on collecting images for ages but then I remembered I would have to also find allll of the sources so I think I will make a pinterest board. I know that the whole french rustic thing is not a new idea, but this is less on the shabby side and 100% more chic. Thoughts? Yes it is second hand crap, but it’s beautiful second hand crap right?

I will meet you in Lille.

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