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Laura and Charlie-121

Morning all! The weather in this wedding is reflecting the current state of affairs in Leeds, I however do not look nearly as gorgeous Laura. They planned their wedding in nine months, Laura wore a preloved dress, and their venue was beautiful typical London pub. Laura Babb has such a great eye, not only are her photos wonderful, she makes the most simple, day to day items or locations look fascinating. She is also super lovely. Charlie is a self confessed geek and created a lot of the stationery and signage for the wedding, they also have their own site if you would like a look!

Laura and Charlie-2 Laura and Charlie-5The PhotographerLaura Babb took the photos for us. She represented the day wonderfully. We’re very lucky to have such special moments captured forever so beautifully.

We were in Berlin for a surprise weekend for Laura’s birthday – Laura had some wedding ‘sites’ noted and we checked out their photographer recommendations. We were instantly impressed by Laura Babb’s work – We love her style, both quirky and at the same time capturing a “story” in each shot.

Laura and Charlie-6 Laura and Charlie-13 Laura and Charlie-21 Laura and Charlie-23 Laura and Charlie-24 Laura and Charlie-25 Laura and Charlie-28The BrideDress – Second hand (there are so many beautiful dresses that already exist in the world – We need to show them off!). One of my bridesmaids lent me her necklace.

Laura and Charlie-29 Laura and Charlie-30 Laura and Charlie-31 Laura and Charlie-32 Laura and Charlie-33 Laura and Charlie-34 Laura and Charlie-37 Laura and Charlie-39 Laura and Charlie-40 Laura and Charlie-41 Laura and Charlie-42 Laura and Charlie-43 Laura and Charlie-45 Laura and Charlie-47 Laura and Charlie-48 Laura and Charlie-49The BridesmaidsThe bridesmaids are internationally based so we went with J Crew to keep our sanity 🙂

Laura and Charlie-51 Laura and Charlie-52 Laura and Charlie-53 Laura and Charlie-54 Laura and Charlie-55 Laura and Charlie-56 Laura and Charlie-57 Laura and Charlie-58 Laura and Charlie-59 Laura and Charlie-60 Laura and Charlie-61 Laura and Charlie-62 Laura and Charlie-64 Laura and Charlie-68 Laura and Charlie-79 Laura and Charlie-80 Laura and Charlie-82The GroomThe suits were bought from Moss Bros, their website was by far the easiest to use for buying suits in different sizes.

Laura and Charlie-88 Laura and Charlie-91 Laura and Charlie-94 Laura and Charlie-98 Laura and Charlie-101 Laura and Charlie-103 Laura and Charlie-104 Laura and Charlie-105 Laura and Charlie-108Laura and Charlie-122 Laura and Charlie-123 Laura and Charlie-125 Laura and Charlie-128 Laura and Charlie-130 Laura and Charlie-131 Laura and Charlie-135 Laura and Charlie-136 Laura and Charlie-137The VenueCeremony – Charlie was originally from out of London, and Camden was always one of the places he loved coming to. Laura looked at a whole load of ceremony venues in Camden, someone we knew mentioned the town hall and their huge marble staircase. We saw it online and fell in love with it straight away. We weren’t sure about “U” shaped tiered seating in the council chamber, but everyone felt really close and it was great!

Reception – We were blown away with how helpful The Prince Albert staff were, they wanted to do as much as they could to take the load off on the day, and their pro-activeness and attention to detail was superb – all the while remaining very relaxed. They also source their food locally and seasonally, which was really important to us.

Laura and Charlie-138 Laura and Charlie-140 Laura and Charlie-142 Laura and Charlie-144 Laura and Charlie-146 Laura and Charlie-147 Laura and Charlie-148 Laura and Charlie-149 Laura and Charlie-151 Laura and Charlie-160The FlowersWe had plants instead of flowers at the venue – They came from a charity called “Cultivate London”. They are a charity who transform derelict sites in the west of the capital into market gardens growing sustainable plants and vegetables for sale at farmers market/independent shops. They also run apprenticeship programmes for unemployed youths, leading to horticultural skills/qualifications for careers in gardening. Using them meant flowers weren’t ‘wasted’, and they all perennials that could be re-planted!


The bouquets were made by Laura and Charlie’s mum! They got the flowers and worked out how to do it together – the results were great.

Laura and Charlie-161 Laura and Charlie-167 Laura and Charlie-169 Laura and Charlie-171 Laura and Charlie-174 Laura and Charlie-175 Laura and Charlie-178 Laura and Charlie-179 Laura and Charlie-182Favourite MomentWhen Charlie surprised Laura with a song – singing and playing the guitar alongside a band made up of his Dad and two groomsmen.

Laura and Charlie-183 Laura and Charlie-185 Laura and Charlie-189 Laura and Charlie-190 Laura and Charlie-191 Laura and Charlie-193 Laura and Charlie-195 Laura and Charlie-200 Laura and Charlie-201 Laura and Charlie-202 Laura and Charlie-203 Laura and Charlie-205 Laura and Charlie-209The FoodStarters:

Tomato and mozzarella tart with watercress salad and balsamic dressing

 Shredded duck, carrot, spring onion with ginger, coriander and sweet soy         dressing

Salmon tartare with pickled cucumber and coriander dressing


Spinach and ricotta tagliatelle

Braised short ribs of beef, horseradish mash and curly kale

Fillet of hake, samphire rosti, cockles, poached duck egg, hollandaise sauce and pea shoots

And the wedding cake? 

The wedding cake was made by Laura’s cousin, Asher. He’s one of the head chefs for Gail’s Bakeries and he created an insanely beautiful gluten free carrot cake (so Laura could enjoy it too!)

Laura and Charlie-214 Laura and Charlie-219 Laura and Charlie-220 Laura and Charlie-223 Laura and Charlie-224 Laura and Charlie-227 Laura and Charlie-228 Laura and Charlie-229 Laura and Charlie-236 Laura and Charlie-237 Laura and Charlie-239 Laura and Charlie-244 Laura and Charlie-246 Laura and Charlie-253 Laura and Charlie-260 Laura and Charlie-262 Laura and Charlie-263 Laura and Charlie-265 Laura and Charlie-267 Laura and Charlie-271 Laura and Charlie-274 Laura and Charlie-275 Laura and Charlie-276 Laura and Charlie-277 Laura and Charlie-279 Laura and Charlie-280AdviceSmile. Have fun. It’s your day, so do what matters to you. Don’t get swept up in other people’s opinions or requests. If you are happy on the day, everyone else will be too.

Laura and Charlie-282 Laura and Charlie-284 Laura and Charlie-287The EntertainmentIn the evening we had a band called “The In Laws”, they were really great to work with and we were introduced to them through a friend. They put a great set list together for us and were absolutely brilliant. They had a DJ who they worked with that provided the music after the band had finished – he was also incredible and was mixing up a great selection of music that kept people dancing for hours. There was a huge amount of talent between them!

Laura and Charlie-289 Laura and Charlie-294 Laura and Charlie-299 Laura and Charlie-301 Laura and Charlie-302 Laura and Charlie-304 Laura and Charlie-306 Laura and Charlie-311 Laura and Charlie-316 Laura and Charlie-321 Laura and Charlie-330 Laura and Charlie-343 Laura and Charlie-344 Laura and Charlie-345 Laura and Charlie-346 Laura and Charlie-357

  • So beautiful. The work of Laura Babb never ceases to amaze us, how brilliant and lovely. Love the cake, the venue, the dress, the bus. *gets emotional and pins everything*. Wow.just.wow. Congrats Laura and Charlie