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I have been obsessing over copper for a couple of years, adding a lot in to our kitchen over the last year in the form of lights, jelly moulds and utensils. Whilst my wedding metallic of choice was antique gold I think now it would be copper. I love the varying shades, from brand new bright orange to a rustic dull metal. It works perfectly in spring/summer with pastels and florals and in the depths of Autumn/Winter with berry hues and midnight blues. Here are 10 ways you can incorporate copper in to your wedding. 

1. Copper foiling – if you want gorgeousssss stationery in the UK heavy on metallics, glitter, illustrations and beautiful calligraphy then you need Gemma Milly in your life. Especially her copper collection.


2. Copper leaf. Fiddly, annoying and expensive but it can create the most beautiful effects. Especially on succulents, fruit and gourds. You can pick it up quite easily online.

3. You can spray anything copper. ANYTHING. Just think about it. Make sure you trial and error as I found that some metallic spray paints work a lot better than others. But once you nail it…there is no stopping you.


4. Copper cutlery – hard to source but I have found some. They call it bronze. I am not sure if you are pedantic enough to care about metallic elements and alloys. As long as it looks pretty right…


5. Copper decor on your cake. I love the simplicity of this one

6. Copper floral vessels – I think this is probably my favourite way that I have seen. You can pick up a lot of old rustic copper at antique markets or charity shops, from old copper pots and pans to buckets and jelly moulds. Anything can be filled with blooms or planted up. I particularly love these from Cox and Cox.


7. Copper cups and tumblers – if you are having a barn/vintage/rustic/outdoorsy wedding then these are a perfect addition. Moscow Mules are optional.

8. Copper tealights and lanterns – quite a simple and effect way of bringing copper in to your wedding, from copper glitter bombing some mason jars to investing in some lanterns. These from Cox and Cox are just to die for. Would look gorgeous as a centrepiece or with a beautiful calligraphy table number drawn on.

copper lanterns wedding

9. Copper sequinned table cloth. Big for 2014, get on it. Have a look at Pudding Bridge or The Sweet Hostess.

Rosa Fay Photography

Rosa Fay Photography


10. Copper paper decor  – probably the easiest and cheapest way, but also the most time consuming. From copper cut out geometric shapes as a photo-booth backdrop or paper tassels for the cake table. Options are endless and definitely worth it if you have the patience!

So are you a copper fan or will you be sticking to gold? Let me know!

Credits for copper mood board from right clockwise – Cake / Mugs –Moscow Mules / Tealights / Jug / Hanging terrarium / Copper planters / Cake / Tumblers 




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Amy //

I loooovveee copper! We’re having a fairly pared-back wedding, decor-wise, and I think a splash of copper (or another metallic) will make it look pulled together rather than half-finished!

Dainty Bride //

Hi, I am loving your work so far and it is definitely giving me some great ideas! Anyway I love your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Its all about sharing the love between ‘lesser known bloggers.’ If you want to learn more check out my blog – http://daintybride1.blogspot.com
All the info is on my blog & I’ve added a link to your blog on it as well. Thanks 🙂 Dainty Bride

Lucy //

I love this! My ring is rose gold so I would like to incorporate copper into our wedding day to match. I LOVE the sequin table cloth!!