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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

I love so much about this wedding! It is at one of my favourite wedding venues, there is a gorgeous gown, ferret racing and choux buns. Carla and Jonny have totally made this day their own, there is no theme, no colour scheme, just them and it turned out fantastically. The idea for the table plan is genius, though difficult when intoxicated. Enjoy!!

Photography by Peter Boyd 

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The VenueAynhoe Park – We really loved the fun, quirky feel to the place, and loved the idea of a house party atmosphere at the reception. And they did ferret racing…

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The BrideDress – 1950s style dress from Johanna Hehir in Marylebone, London – organza skirt with a lace bodice. It was light and easy to walk in!

Shoes – I wore some bubblegum pink vintage Miu Miu shoes to add a fun touch!

pbp141w-061 pbp141w-063 pbp141w-067 pbp141w-069 pbp141w-074 pbp141w-075 pbp141w-078 pbp141w-080 pbp141w-088 pbp141w-089 pbp141w-092

The GroomJonny, the best man and my dad wore simple slim navy blue suits, white shirts and pale blue ties. Jonny wore his dad’s shoes as a memory of him on the day.

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The BridesmaidsThe two bridesmaids (my sisters) were both heavily pregnant and wore Grecian navy blue maternity dresses from ASOS – I made sure I was flanked by people who made me look thinner!

pbp141w-177 pbp141w-179 pbp141w-181 pbp141w-183 pbp141w-185 pbp141w-187 pbp141w-189 pbp141w-190 pbp141w-198 pbp141w-200 pbp141w-201The FlowersMy sister Anna did all of our flowers – pastel bouquet of ivory and pink roses, freesias, lisianthus, wild daisies, eucalyptus, hydrangea Vintage

pbp141w-204 pbp141w-205 pbp141w-217 pbp141w-219 pbp141w-220 pbp141w-225 pbp141w-227 pbp141w-231 pbp141w-237 pbp141w-240 pbp141w-249 pbp141w-252 pbp141w-254 pbp141w-256 pbp141w-258

The PhotographerPeter Boyd Photography (obviously) –absolute legends!

pbp141w-268 pbp141w-269 pbp141w-270 pbp141w-271 pbp141w-272 pbp141w-273 pbp141w-278 pbp141w-281 pbp141w-284 pbp141w-285 pbp141w-287 pbp141w-289 pbp141w-291 pbp141w-293 pbp141w-295 pbp141w-296 pbp141w-303 pbp141w-305 pbp141w-310 pbp141w-312 pbp141w-313 pbp141w-315 pbp141w-319 pbp141w-320 pbp141w-325 pbp141w-330 pbp141w-340 pbp141w-351 pbp141w-354 pbp141w-356 pbp141w-365

The StationeryOur table plan was Scrabble themed – all our guests had to unscramble anagrams of their names to work out where they were sitting.

pbp141w-379 pbp141w-381 pbp141w-383 pbp141w-384 pbp141w-386The FavoursOur favours were mini apothecary bottles of limoncello (for the girls) and Hungarian palinka (for the boys).  The palinka was brought back from Hungary by our usher Jules, who then flavoured the spirit with apricots (Aynhoe is known as “the apricot village”).

On the tables were gingerbread men with each person’s name on (for anyone who didn’t manage the anagram!). These were baked by our friend, Sarah.

pbp141w-387 pbp141w-389Favourite MomentIn particular, the speeches were brilliant! My dad did a slideshow of horrendously embarrassing photos from throughout my life – and he even resurrected some notes I’d written as a child (“Them Smarties made my day”)

Walking in to dinner as a married couple was really amazing.

pbp141w-394 pbp141w-397 pbp141w-413 pbp141w-415 pbp141w-421 pbp141w-422 pbp141w-433 pbp141w-437The EntertainmentIn the late afternoon we played cricket in the grounds – only a couple of injuries, and I managed to bowl Jonny out!


The main attraction was a ferret racing event, with Jonny’s brother Alex as the resident bookie! Each ferret had a name – i.e Madferret (the mancunian), Ferret Across the Mersey, Ferret O’Rocher etc.


In the evening we had a band – The TwentySomethings – who played two sets of everything from motown to modern classics. They also played a medley of Israeli music, to which our Jewish friends threw us around on chairs, table cloths etc!

pbp141w-444 pbp141w-446 pbp141w-462 pbp141w-463 pbp141w-465 pbp141w-471 pbp141w-476 pbp141w-482 pbp141w-490 pbp141w-509 pbp141w-511 pbp141w-513 pbp141w-515The FoodOnCafe did our “cake”, which was actually a tower of flavoured petits choux. The flavours were peanut butter, salted caramel, raspberry crème and citrus crème. Catering supplied by Aynhoe, including late night fish-finger sandwiches!

pbp141w-516 pbp141w-518 pbp141w-527 pbp141w-535 pbp141w-551AdviceForget about what people expect from a wedding and strip back your day to the things you really want. Get as many friends and family involved as you can – not only to cut costs but to make the day as personal as possible.



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The Zoots //

Wowsie, was that a unicorn? And a crocodile waiter? How brilliant. What an amazingly quirky venue! The photographer has captured the day just beautifully. Love that B&W image of the boy peeking down the ferret tunnel! Her dress is just lovely and the Choux cake genius! What a brilliant day. Congrats Carla and Jonny
Love from The Zoots