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Oh my, I have been having such blog problems this week, it has taken me nearly all day to get this published. Host have said it should all be sorted by the weekend, so if you click and its down hold on in there! This afternoons post welcomes Jonathan Ellis to the blog. I am rather fussy with my photographers and I like to have a good rapport with them first before accepting sponsorship so you know that all the sponsors on the right hand side have been vetted by me, and I think they are all superbly wonderful! 

Cynthia & Kyle695 Dionne-Rowlando1006

Favourite Colour: 

I have two! Hope this isn’t cheating ☺ Red & Grey

Favourite Film: 

Possibly has to be the Fast & Furious series! But If I have to pick one…definitely the first, cant be a classic

Favourite Song: 

Bob Marley – One Drop

sarah ShoreditchEngagementPhotographer_Rachel&V12

Favourite Month: 

June (because of my birthday)

Favourite Flower:


Favourite Drink: 

Aloe Vera Water (I cant get enough of that stuff)

SophiePeter963 Tuscany505

Favourite Food:

Krispy Kreme’s…hope that counts

 Favourite Perfume: 

Tom Ford Black Orchid (Aftershave)

Favourite Book: 

It’s not how good you are is how good you want to be by Paul Arden

Best piece of advice you have ever been given:

Be patient, have a clear plan and achieve your goals


Tuscany Wedding Photographer - Jonathan Ellis Tuscany Wedding Photographer - Jonathan Ellis

About Me

The main things you should know about me are: I love Jesus. I’m mildly addicted to Krispy Kreme’s. I’m a huge fan of all things Apple. I like Aeroplanes and I love experiencing different cultures!

I LOVE the idea of being apart of YOUR story. Each couple I meet has a story, no matter how big or small that may be… they all have a story to tell and I consider it an honour to be apart of that chapter in your life.

I don’t think you can beat the array of emotion that’s displayed on a wedding day. There’s; joy, laughter, excitement, nerves…. the list can go on, but there’s something special about being apart of that. I’m a people person so it’s super cool to get to experience different cultures, traditions and of course making new friends! I. LOVE. WEDDINGS

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