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I know, it is a Saturday and there is a blog post but a few people asked for this recipe so I am sharing. Sharing is caring remember. I gave up chocolate for lent. I have gone from eating at least a bar a day (and more over a weekend) to nothing and I miss it. Mainly because in October I gave up caffeine (I know right) and at about 2/3pm my body starts to slump, I would usually fill my face with chocolate for a quick sugar rush before dinner so I needed to find something else.  I thought about making flapjacks, but they contain so much butter and sugar that it was really just the same as having a chocolate bar so I put together this happy medley. They keep my tummy happy for hours, give me a sweet quick, stay moist all week AND taste delicious. I make these on a Sunday night ready for Michael and I to have during the week, he takes his in a little lunchbox. Adorable.

Recipe40g butter (could use coconut oil, add a little more honey)

3tbsp crunchy yummy healthy peanut butter

2tbsp honey 1 apple peeled and grated

2 ripe bananas, mashed within a hell of their lives

250g rolled oats

50g dried apricots, cut in to chunks

110g raisins or sultanas, or those mixed berry bag things

80g nuts/seeds whatever you like the taste of

methodPreheat oven to 140C and grease/line a decent sized tray. In a pan heat the butter, peanut butter and honey until melted, add in the banana, apple and about 100mls of hot water.

In a large bowl, mix together the oats, dried fruit and nuts then pour in the hot, wet mixture and combine. Decant in to the tin and bake in the oven for 45-50 mins or until it looks a little golden on top. Enjoy! Tweet/instagram me a pic if you make them, and let me know what combination you use! Could easily add chai seeds, protein, maple syrup and chocolate chips! Oooph.

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