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Today’s post is the ugly sister of yesterday’s. Not a single sequin or cascading bouquet in sight, this is all about what I would like to ban going forward. If there were a room 101, all of this would be in it. Oh and Gerberas are always on this list, they’ve been on it 2 years running now but I will grow tired of writing it every year.

This post is obviously not meant to cause offence, it is based on my own superior taste and nothing more. Shall we start? Oh god.


Obviously I do not wish to abolish photography. I wish to abolish couples choosing their friend who owns a camera to do their photography. I know that a wedding can be expensive but you really should spend as much as you can on photography, there is no point putting all that time and effort in to your wedding to have no visual memory of how wonderful it all looked. If photography isn’t important to you then fine, spend your money how you wish, but read this post first.


A quick scout on Gumtree leads to quite terrifying things…

Second photography abolishment…the addition of dinosaurs to wedding photos. I just don’t get it?

Beauty and Fashion swirly waistcoats

Yup. Swirrrllly waistcoats made from beautifully cheap polyester. They do not photograph well and date within 4 months.


Tacky french manicures. Nothing worse than a beautiful bouquet being clutched by some low budget talons.




Yeah…I am done with them now. There is a time and a place. They look great in some venues but don’t just chuck in some pom poms because you don’t know what else to do.


We have moved on greatly since the days of the chair cover, if the chairs in the venue are vile, there are much prettier alternatives. Or, you can hire nicer chairs.


I’m not sure if this really was a trend, or if it may have just been an American type trend. But tin cans. Even decorated tin cans…polish a turd springs to mind.



Birdcages. If I see another birdcage…Unless it is a bird themed wedding in which case the birds would have to have a suitable homing situation, then it’s OK. They always get lumped in to the ‘faux vintage’ decor.


“Phoebe, they are pretty, why are you abolishing them?!” I hear you cry. Because this is my personal bug bear. A poorly laid table, epecially crossed cutlery. I blame the Americans for this, they are far too care free with their cutlery. Far too whimsical. It is also a faff for your guests.


“And now you want to get rid of washi tape!? FOR WHY PHOEBE??”. It doesn’t bloody stick!!!!! It looks cute, but by the time you have stuck up all your hipster polaroids of your guests they just fall down. And I think we may be over using it. Sorry.

glitter flowers

This doesn’t need an explanation. Vile.

extras ban phone


I wasn’t going to put this one in, but I saw someone mention it on Facebook so I decided I would. I would like to abolish the banning of phones/cameras at weddings. I read that they wanted their guests to “be in the moment” and they wouldn’t get that if they were taking photos, they have hired someone to do that for them. But actually, some of my favourite images are those captured by my friends on their phones. I also love the whole “wedding hashtag” so lots of people can join in, especially if they can’t be there. We live in such a different technological time now that banning phones just seems a bit nonsensical. I don’t think any of your guests would be rude enough to spend the whole time texting or calling other people but there are so many little moments that happen at a wedding I think it is great that they will all be captured. So, please don’t ban guests having their phones/cameras, I think you would regret it.

Dare I ask for your thoughts?







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Leah, Golden Apple //

Washi tape!! So agree – I’ve never been able to stick anything up with it for more than a day. Most annoying! I used it at a showcase last year and all of my samples kept falling out of my album onto the floor.

Also chair covers and swirly waistcoast… vom.

Phoebe //

I thought maybe I was using it wrong? But I have bought different ones and none of them stick!

Pops //

Oh how I love the Phoebe take on wedding trends!

I *think* you had this in last year’s but miserable wedding photos would go into my wedding room 101. Looking like you want to cry is not cool. Just because the Americans do it doesn’t make it ok. That principle applies to a lot actually!

Phoebe //

Oh dear! Yeah I think it may be a new thing but it makes me clench my buttocks when I see it on good ol pinterest

amy //

Genuine question – were those waistcoats ever actually a ‘trend’ or did they just creep their way across the wedding landscape, a bit like mould?
Ditto chair covers.
I quite like the tied together cutlery though – hadn’t actually given it any thought before now.
And YES to the banning phones thing – I don’t get that AT ALL.
Or birdcages for that matter. Especially birdcages in the context of ‘vintage’ theme – did people used to keep a lot more birds or something?

Phoebe //

I think they crept their way in, perhaps drawing attention to them amongst glitter flowers and chair covers will help them dissipate? Quite curious, these vintage birdcages…probably made in china 2 years ago. Keen ornithologists.

Sama //

Tin cans, Phoebe? Nooooooo! Not yet anyway! I think if used well they can still look ace… But everything else, agreed of course. Never been a pom pom fan, I must say. Xx

Phoebe //

Sama, find me a pretty tin can! I agree though, I don’t think it has “taken off” just yet. Ill jot it down for next year 😉

claire //

I totally agree with all and would even add Hydrangeas to the list. I went to 4 weddings last year and every single one used them. Get an original idea please!!

Nikki (KnotsAndKisses) //

Oh my god I’m so with you and Leah on the washi tape! I got asked to use it to tape some ‘Confetti bags’ into a clients order of service last year and it was an absolute nightmare. I actually ended up sticking normal sellotape over the top of it to make the damn stuff stick!

Gemma Milly //

This is excellent Phoebe!! So true and so funny ! Can I add ‘DIY-ing your wedding stationery in Microsoft Word’ to the list please? xx

Cloggins //

Some of my best weddings this year have been ones where the order of service has stated “Please take loads of photos and use this hashtag”…but that might be because it means I’ve got an easy portfolio for reference and am incredibly nosy.

Alix (VintageLaceGlasgow) //

Can we add the whole making your bridal party dance down the aisle thing? Especially if theyre embarrassed and dont want to donit, it just looks awkward.

Jane //

I do believe I love you…


you forgot fresh flower floral crowns…whilst they ‘can’ look lovely when understated & elegant it’s when they start taking over someone’s head like a woman eating herbaceous border they look ridiculous…just think of the bugs…greenfly…bees…WASPS!

Sophie //

Reading some of these comments I’m not sure I want to respond!! I’m over birdcages but I have a pretty wedding I shot in December and they used them (a LOT) – won’t be submitting that one to you then! 😉 And excuse me!! I had blue hydrangeas at my wedding and I BLOODY LOVE THEM. So don’t you dare ban them please ;(

I HATE those waistcoats. I can already see them coming up at half my weddings this year *facepalm*

Hayley Doel //

Hehe, totally agree with this. Was sweating a little in case anything i’ve planned for my wedding came up on here, but its ok 🙂

One of the first questions I asked my venue, was make sure you have nice chairs as I won’t choose a venue that needs chair covers. Also the fiance has been told, you can wear what you want as long as its not one of those stupid waistcoats!

Are roses, astilbes and peonies ok for flowers for 2015?

Kirsty //

Love, love, love this! Have a passionate hatred for chair covers – they never look nice especially those hideous stretchy lycra things…just why?!
Totally agree about the mobile phone photos – some of my favourites from our wedding were exactly those and they capture all sorts that the photographer doesn’t.
This is always my favourite of your blog posts ; ) x

Amy //

While I agree with you on many of these things, the one thing that could be used as a good thing is the banning of mobile phones. As a photographer I couldn’t care less if certain people texted/played games on their phones throughout the day, I’d just avoid snapping them until they were more active with other guests. What I do care about, however, is when the entire congregation holds each of their phones up during the ceremony, each recording the exact same video only to all upload the exact same video 50 times to Facebook. Its may as well be a One Direction concert, not a wedding! I also missed one of the best shots of the night when the bride and groom cut the cake and put cake in the grooms face, because at that very moment 15 people decided they would crowd in front of me (even though I was standing pretty close as it was) with their iPhones held out in front of them. Great, 15 blurry photos of the same thing and no photos for the person they paid quite a lot of money to capture moments like that. I did get an “after” shot which seemed to save the moment, but still, not cool. It makes me hate smartphones. While I wouldn’t necessarily ban phones from the entire wedding, I would consider asking guests to refrain from recording the ceremony and crowding the couple simply to get a Snapchat during the significant moments.

Alix (VintageLaceGlasgow) //

I agree with you Amy! Ive seen a lot of pics from photogs with guests in the way of what could have been a perfect picture. Nothing worse than your wedding pictures being full of camera phones and even ipads!! Also, the flashes from mobiles etc can create a horrible whiteness too and ruin pics. Im all for guests taking pictures but at the right times. You paid a photographer for a reason…let him/her do their job.

Caroline //

Do any of these “trends” really matter? And especially what others think of them? My fiancé and I are planning our wedding for this summer, and are not remotely considering what is on trend or not. Every aspect of our day has been carefully chosen because it means something to us as a couple and the people we love. Surely having a day that truly represents a couple is the most important thing, irrelevant if it is on trend or not?!
We are having hydrangeas… Not because I’ve seen them in a million pictures on Pinterest. They have always been my favourite flower, my Nan used to have the most wonderful hydrangea plants in her garden when I was little, and seeing them always reminds me of her so I know they will make me smile on my big day. Plus, they were the first flowers Ali ever bought me!!

Jan Shillito-Celebration Ceremonies & Weddings //

Agree with a lot of your bug bears! If couples are paying for a photographer then during the ceremony I think it’s preferable not to have guests clicking on cameras throughout; but if they aren’t then dedicate one person so that everyone can enjoy this special event. I’m totally with you on chair covers but not on tins- I live them but depends a lot on where you are having your wedding ceremony. If it’s outdoors in a woodland or a barn, at a boutique Eco site or festival wedding then a more rustic styling works perfectly. Style is a personal thing. Too many brides worry about being too “different” our couples worry about being “the same” !

Lindsay //

Couldn’t agree more with the abolishing the ban of guest photography! Saw a pin of this last week, thought it was quite rude to write on a chalkboard “see that man with the camera? We paid him to be here, so put away your phones and be in the moment” – guests put in a lot of effort to be at a wedding, they want to remember your beautiful day just as much as you do. Plus, I find the guest’s kodak moments really are precious.

Bernadette //

I nearly spat my coffee reading this blog post, couldn’t agree more.

Back in Dec 2011 I wrote a blog post debating whether we need to say RIP Vintage Weddings. The main reason was I felt all we ever saw featured in magazines or blogs was hay bales, suitcases, battered arm chairs, bunting, typewriters etc etc

I had a wedding in Dec which used pretty lace slips over the venue chairs which was subtle and just gave a softer look to them. With most of my events we are hiring in chairs, in many cases this can be the same price as chair covers.

Can I add to the list dressing your page boys in mini versions of the usher suits? Why would you do that, they look like they are stuck in a time wharp, so many other funky alternatives now.

And I also feel bride and grooms should be more individual with music chosen, don’t just have the standard classic options that have been used for years. Think about what music reflects you as a couple 🙂

Ok stopping now……..

Cynnie //

Canadian non-DIY June bride here!
I am having an unplugged ceremony — not because it is “trendy”. It’s an Anglican outdoor church ceremony in the Rocky Mountains; it’d be darn confusing if people didn’t pay attention to what’s happening. Plus, knowing the dynamics of certain family members, you can bet that someone is going to stand up on his/her chair or stand in the middle of the aisle to take pictures.
Unplugged wedding isn’t for everyone; for my situation, after the recent sudden loss of my father, I would rather not have any guest pictures of my family’s and my most vulnerable moments. I will even go so far as stopping my photographer if I needed a brief pause. The compromise is that I will share my photos with them electronically, as soon as the digital proofs arrive.

If brides are worried about “keeping up with appearances”, you’re doing it all wrong. Weddings are not contests. I’m with David Mitchell when it comes to weddings:

While you’re poking fun at Pinterest, you might as well add Dahlias and Peonies to the list. It’s a florist’s nightmare when October brides want Peonies, I’ve been told.
Add burlap/lace. Add mason jars and chalkboard to your list. Submerged orchids, succulent boutonnieres. Don’t forget sparkler exits. Add “pick a seat; not a side” signs, as well as “Here Comes the Bride” signs held by little kids.

Point is, pick flowers that are in season. Sometimes nature isn’t kind and offers only Gerbera daisies.

Another point is: All of it doesn’t matter. Here is the ugly truth: Weddings ARE all tacky regardless of the budget involved. Not all guests religiously follow wedding trends on Pinterest. It is certainly the most fun when it’s an affair co-planned by both the bride and groom; this would reflect both personalities in a cohesive manner. If a formal black-tie wedding doesn’t suit them, then go semi-formal; etc.

It is rather amusing to read the Wedding Industry’s cynical perspectives on brides. I pity that you don’t value a bride’s need to be pragmatic, when it comes to weddings. Not every bride likes flowers even though I will have my semi-cascade bouquet . Parasols, lollipops, balloons are all fun floral alternatives.

Maybe if you stopped complaining about brides, you would actually get to see more of those authentic weddings featured on Offbeat Bride and/or A Practical Wedding blogs.