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Afternoooooon! So weird, after all this time, I still never know how to start a blog post. (S’up?). Anyway. Newest sponsor is the very lovely Mark Dolby, a photographer based in my current home town of Leeds. 

A quick Q & A

I’m originally from Derbyshire and arrived in Yorkshire about 10 years ago to study at Leeds Trinity and All Saints. I ran the Students Union there for a year which was a fantastic end to my student life. I spent the early part of my career working at web design agencies for clients like Disney and Sony Music. One of my last projects was working on the websites for the X Factor finalists which had to launch as soon as the winner was announced. To achieve this we actually had to design four websites, build three and then launch one on the evening of the live final.

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I met my wife Rache in the terminal at Heathrow Airport. We were heading off to do Camp America, where I worked as a Basketball coach, and happened to be on the same flight. We were both actually living in Leeds at the time so it was strange to think that our relationship was really born on the other side of the world.

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I’ve been shooting weddings now for three years having had a camera in my hand for most of my life. At college and university I focussed more on film but have slowly transitioned to photography and love that it is now my profession.

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My wife is from the Isle of Man and we got married there last August. Rache did most of the planning but I did get to choose our photographer. I really liked his images and once I met him I knew he would be a really positive influence on our day. I hope people choose me to shoot their wedding for the same reasons.

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I can honestly say that being married has given me a new perspective on the job. I’d like to think I can put myself in the shoes of my couples on their day and I love getting home to Rache as at some point every wedding takes me back to the happy memories of our own day.

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Favourite Colour: I’d have to say grey! But I’m thinking grey suit rather than grey clouds. For me its a sophisticated and cool colour.

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Favourite Film: A favourite growing up was ‘The Battle of Britain’. It was the only film at my grandparents house and so me and my brother would play it alot. I’ll still get a text from him when it occasionally pops up on Channel 5.

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Favourite Song: I used to DJ when I was a student and played some terrible UK Garage. The decks were sold a long time ago but I still listen to some of the old classics from time to time and a favourite is a song called “If you were here tonight” by Daryl B. Sorry, not going to win any kudos for that one I’m sure!!

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Favourite Month: August! I love the summer; the long days, being busy with weddings and starting this year celebrating our wedding anniversary. I mustn’t forget that, although I will be shooting a wedding on the day itself in 2014.

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Favourite Flower: I’m quite a traditionalist so if I’m buying Rache flowers I’ll usually go for roses but I’ll always try to pick some colourful ones rather than just your standard red or white. Just depends what’s in stock at the garage 🙂

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Favourite Drink: Bourbon on ice

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Favourite Food: I have a really sweet tooth so I struggle to resist my mother’s English Trifle or my mother-in-law’s fruit flapjack!

Favourite Word: onomatopoeia

Favourite Perfume: My wife wears Issy Miyake so I’m a fan of that and I got a lovely bottle of Hugo Boss for Christmas, which keeps me smelling acceptable, when I remember to put it on.


Favourite Book: I love cycling and have been reading a lot of books on the subject lately including Sky’s the Limit about the launch of Team Sky. I can’t wait for the Tour De France to land in Yorkshire this year.

Favourite Quote from a Film:  ”You can teach Monkeys to fly better than that” from Battle of Britain.

Best piece of advice you have ever been given: My best man said during his speech “look after each other and the rest will look after itself”. So far so good!


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