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Hello you lovely lot! I hope your weekend was wonderful? Mine was full of domestic type errands; choosing curtains, bathrooms and finishing off present buying. On Saturday evening I received an email  from a lovely reader asking me whether it really is possible to achieve the wedding she had in her head or if her expectations need to be lowered. Tricky right? 

I will tell you now that wedding perfection is not possible. In my head, I had the most magical wedding, it was THE best day ever. However it was not perfect (well it was to me, kinda). I wish I had hired a videographer, the venue put up Christmas decorations when I distinctly asked for there to be none in the room we were having our wedding breakfast, I wanted more flowers, and the best man’s suit didn’t fit properly. Pinterest wasn’t a thing when I was planning my wedding though, wedding blogs hadn’t really taken off and the mags were uninspired but I trawled through them nonetheless.

I think a lot of brides see pinterest perfect weddings/ bloggable weddings (we’ve been through this) and think that if theirs doesn’t compare then the day is a wash out which is just not true. You are marrying your lobster, your soul-mate, your best friend. Don’t lose sight of that.

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It is totally possible to achieve the wedding you have in your head, as long as what you are dreaming of isn’t completely unrealistic and you appreciate that it will not be perfect. A family filled country wedding full of festoon lighting and bunting where everyone laughs in to the small hours is of course achievable. A Downton style high end country affair with a black tie dress code (yes please) is totally achievable. Unicorn drawn crystal carriages could be a push but achievable (and pricey).


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Take the stress off yourself and just plan a day that is true to you and that you’ll enjoy. You will remember and treasure it for the rest of your life no matter how you celebrate it. You will see other weddings and think “oh I would have loved that” but their day was not perfect, you never see behind the scenes of someone’s wedding, only the finished polished result and wedding blogs are totally to blame for this. Sorry. If you are willing to spend time and effort (and money) then you can achieve any wedding style you dream of but it won’t be perfect.

You should just all go and read what Kat wrote about the same topic this morning. There is a lot less waffle and more to the point. Wedding perfection is a lie, but that is totally OK. We also both mention unicorns. (I didn’t read Kat’s post in full just in case I accidentally took ideas but it ended up basically the same). 


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Nicola //

It is so hard to get swept up in the whole planning process and making sure every tiny detail is just so so. I myself fell into this trap and even during my own wedding meal was i panicking that the table cards were too pink or that the the food was too hot. It wished i had just relaxed a little more and not stressed over the tiny things which really did not matter. I am planning a vows renewal next year and this time it is going to be just my husband and i on a beach with no stress and no fuss.

Nathan @ Artemis Stationery //

Oh it’s a unicorn! Why did I first think pony with a party hat.

It’s a very good point raised by this article. Not sure it’s ever been easier to have your aspirations quite so raised. Great for gathering ideas but hard not to have your head turned.

It’s a very hard prospect anyway as you spend in some cases years planning but on the day you have to stop being a planner or host and be the guest of honour and enjoy the celebrations and not sweat the details.