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Another afternoon and another little something to make the cold nights warmer. I think mulled wine may be my favourite beverage. I served it at our wedding for arrival drinks which was quite lovely after 40 mins of photos in a wedding gown. I will often (bulk) buy mulled wine just bottled up ready to glug in to a pan, however after making it properly it definitely tastes better, and it can be altered to your preferences. 

Mulled wine ingredients

It will take you a couple of attempts until you get your flavourings right. My preferences –

Bottle of a good red (usually a rioja)

3tbsp of my Cardamom sugar 

Sliced orange and lemon

If you don’t make cardamom sugar throw some crushed pods in to the pan.


Throw everything in to a pan, stir for 3-4 mins then leave to warm through (never boil) for roughly an hour. Strain into another pan and warm up again, adding fresh lemons/oranges (and a glug of brandy).





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nikki //

love ya even more!
I <3 Gluhwein; memories of Christmas markets in Munich when my parents lived there whilst I was at Uni, not to mention all the romantic hols for our wedding anniversary (22.12) that me and my Mr have taken, which have always involved Christmas markets and a policy of not walking through their market without purchasing the aforementioned beverage- a killer in Tallinn, where the market had to be passed to get anywhere, along with Riga, Krakow, Vilnius and Prague.
we too had Gluhwein at our wedding for arrival drinks- the caters got the quantities of my sister's recipe mixed up and the wine : rum was definitely wrong and most guests barely touched the bar cos they were too squiffy on overly-rummed-up-mulled wine!
we couldn't hire glasses with handles, so bought them and glass etched them ourselves with our names/ date and ppl still show us the glasses if we visit at Christmas time and they too are serving!

Phoebe //

Oh that is a lovely memory. Who says alcohol is bad for you when it creates and bonds? 😉