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Morning all! I am sorry David, I just couldn’t resist having this as the main image, but I am sure you will understand why. This wedding, not only full of details and a very unique venue,it is just full to the brim with love. People really do make a wedding. You can spend years planning but nothing will beat that look when the groom first sees his wife, or when the guests get ready to throw confetti. Oh I just love it. I LOVE love. Oh and the Louboutins. And the rather scrummy tweed suit.

Photography by Jason Hynes

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Venue – Queen Marys School, Topcliffe, Thirsk.  David and I met at the venue on a charity holiday working for The Newman Trust, a charity which provides holidays for children with special needs.  When we decided to get married, Queen Marys was our first contact for a venue as it means so much to us, they kindly let us hire it for the day and was a beautiful setting.  Our ceremony was in the main hall and we had a marquee for the reception.
Wedding Photographer – www.hynesphotography.co.uk
Flowers – We bought the flowers from a local supermarket, Pink Fairtrade Roses and Pink Gerbera’s.  We placed a few stems on every table in Vintage Milk Bottles, the hand tie bouquets were arranged by the grooms sister, Jane Ottley.
Brides Dress – Loulou Bridal Vintage inspired 50s Tea length dress in Ivory, from Truly Beautiful in Guisborough
Brides Shoes – Christian Louboutin glitter heels.  I managed to find the last pair in the company but they were in Dallas Texas! Louboutin’s policy is that they only ship to an address in the US if paid for by a card registered to the same address.  Eventually my sisters, boyfriends aunty who lives in California bought them and had them shipped to her home.  Purely by chance a relative from North Yorkshire was visiting her and brought them home with her in her case. I was very lucky!
Brides veil – bought from Truly Beautiful in Guisborough
Brides Hair – Jody Louise Blain, long time family hairdresser.
Brides makeup – MAC
Bridesmaids dresses – Loulou Bridesmaid collection and Shoes were Rainbow Bridal
Grooms suit – Walker Slater, Fulham. Bespoke Green Tweed.  Bride Crocheted ties in pink for Groom, Best Man and Page Boy
Groomsmen – wore their own!
Cake – Created for us by Grooms mother Celia Workman
DJ/ Entertainment – Ipod of our favourite tunes, hooked up to a PA system with lights
Stationery – All stationery was designed by The Groom – David Ottley

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