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Evening all! Finally getting round to SYGM guide to Christmas. Starting off with something I make very early in the month as they only get better with time. They hang on doors to waft their christmassy scent when you and your guests swish past in your sequinned gowns. The choice of ribbon can easily reflect your rooms decor, they can also be placed in bowls as centre pieces. And fun family time can be had by all when making them as they are super easy.

orange and clove pomander

I must give credit to Natalie who helped with the orange dressed in blue, without her, this would not have been possible

Instructions –

♥ Pour mulled wine and heat according to bottle instructions (this is not optional).

♥ Stud the orange with cloves, whether you opt for a pattern or cover it entirely is up to you. You may want to use a cocktail stick to make the holes first, your fingers may get very sore other wise.

♥ Depending on whether you want to hang or place the pomander will determine what kind of ribbon action you will need. Threading the ribbon through the top will make it easier to hang because when the oranges dry, they shrink. If it had just been wrapped (like a gift) the ribbon will slip off and the orange with plummet to its death.

♥ Hang and enjoy the smell in the coming weeks.

♥ Finish off the wine

Hope you enjoyed, this is the first of many! We have baking, alcohol and crafts to do.


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