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Oh these guys! They got married in May of this year in St Lucia (jealous face) and on their return they opted for a couples shoot with Mr Darren Mack. I think it is such a lovely idea, I am considering one for Michael and I as a kind of “few years on” type thing. Perhaps this spring. I also now wish I was awesome enough to pull off bright hair, it looks so fantastic in the photos against a woodland back drop. I hope you both are enjoying married life, you look exceptionally happy in these that’s for sure!

Photography by Darren Mack

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Wedding date – 24th May 2013

Where was the wedding?-  St James’ Club – St Lucia

Why did you choose St Lucia? – Because it was secluded and private for us both. It also meant there was more of a personal feel to it, as no one else we know has ever been there.

What made you have a couples shoot? – So that every year we can build up on memories with a professional photo shoot. It will be fun to look back through the years. Plus how else can a couple get a photo taken these days without the modern day “selfie”

Any advice for future brides to be? – Stay calm at all times, and when you get lost in the hype of creating “the perfect day”, take a step back and take a look at your fiancé, remember why you are getting married in the first place. Don’t try to please everyone else; it’s all about the two of you. As long as you have nice photos you’ll always be able to look back and remember your special day.

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