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Usually I am all like “look at the flowers, I love flowers”. Today I am all ” the flowers are beautiful but the CAKES”. I want cake. Sheryl and Robin look exceptionally happy, I love it went you can see what a wonderful day it is reflected in the guests faces. I am all about wedding guests. The photo of the flower girl sat with her head in her hands is priceless. As a bride you go through a few minutes of that feeling, when your face aches from smiling so much, your feet hurt from standing for so long and you aren’t quite sure what time of day it is, but it passes and you go back to having the best day of your life. Because it really is.


Photography by Emma Boileau 


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Venue: Marquee at Foden Field, Woodford (At groom’s mum’s house). Marquee company was Posh Frocks and Wellies.

Wedding photographer: Emma Boileau. Fab photographer! She was very attentive before, during and after the wedding.

Flowers: Fletcher and Foley. Provided the exact rustic look I was after. I particularly liked the idea if the flower ‘wand’ made for the flower girl.

Bride’s dress: Modeca (Nena).Bought from Paradise Collections. This was also where the veil was from.

Bride’s hair accessories: Crystal Couture (Rosalinda Connolly) . This is a very talented woman who has many years in the business.  She takes great time and veffort to provide the look you want. She provided the bride’s hair piece, earrings and bridesmaid’s bair clips.

Bride’s hair /makeup: Sarah Stanton (make up) and Sarah Oglesby (hair). Both made me feel very relaxed on the morning and well looked after.

Groom & groomsmen outfits: Austin Reed

Cake: Corner Cake shop. Decorated by bride’s mum.

Band: Live Lounge. Extremely talented. Had everyone up on their feet. http://www.alivenetwork.com/bandpage.asp?bandname=Live+Lounge

Stationery: Handmade by bride, her sister and mum. Paper works supplied materials.

Décor/wedding details : Marquee company supplied a lot of the decors (Posh Frocks and Wellies). Flowers in jugs supplied by the florist (Fletcher and Foley). Table plan, menus and table names made by Paperworks and bride’s mum. Some of the bunting was also made by some of the bride’s friends. The table names were based on places which had a significant meaning for the bride and groom, from the day they met to the wedding day.

Catering: We had a bbq supplied by Carringtons Catering. They were very efficient on the day. I felt very looked after and so many guests have raved about the food! Our dessert table was supplied and decorated by And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon. This little café provided the dessert table I found so hard to find. It offered a wide selection of delicious cakes for the guests to help themselves. They were very organised and efficient throughout.  A few cakes were also made by the groom’s mum, aunt and friend. These extra bakes were made as they had special meaning for the bride and groom.  http://www.carringtons-catering.co.uk/  http://www.dishandspoonfood.co.uk/

Wedding favours: Fudge made by Groom’s brother. This was the Groom’s grandma’s recipe.

A number of these suppliers are Northern Irish (where the bride is from). All the suppliers were fab and would recommend them all.  It was also very nice to have so many helpful (and talented) friends and family to provide a hand wherever they could.

Honeymoon Destination :  The Yorebridge house hotel, Bainbridge was the location for our minimoon a couple of days after the wedding. This was a fantastic hotel. Extremely good food and customer service. The honeymoon is not until February which will be Sri Lanka and the Maldives……enough time to save the extra pennies. Cant wait!

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