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Oh my goodness, this is such a cute wedding. I love that the groom wanted Leeds United football colours and that they have been subtly worked in to the flowers. I think I would have said no way to bright blue and yellow (!), but it works beautifully. I found it hard to choose images to put in to this because on top of the normal wedding shots there are so many cute moments between the flower girls and some of the guests that I thought it would be a shame to miss them out, I hope you enjoy!


Photography by Amy Taylor-Woodward


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Venue: The wedding service was held at the Gorgeous St Eadburgha’s Church in the postcard pretty, family village of Broadway Worcs – Cotswolds. We then headed across the borders to Oxfordshire to the tranquil village of Great Barrington to use the stunning Great Barrington Village Hall.

Wedding photographer: The simply brilliant Amy Taylor Imaging – Kidderminster – Way more than a photographer!  Relaxed and funny!  She was the perfect person for the job!  A talented friend at our big day!  She also made our day look like something I’d drool over on Pinterest! She IS Amazing!

Flowers –  The unassuming Joan! The Best Man’s brother in law’s mother!  She is retired and does ‘a little flower arranging’ as a hobby using whatever she can from her garden with minimal additional purchasing!  We were on an incredibly tight budget she really understood my vision better than I did!  My Husband is a Leeds United fan, when he suggested Leeds colours (Blue, white and Yellow) I was a little worried!  But I was determined to do it beautifully!  We used Daises, Roses, Rosemary, Lavender, Heather, Snowdrops, Statice and a few others. I was a very relaxed bride to be which was almost more difficult!  I just had a mish mash of ideas and Joan managed to piece it all together perfectly!  I adored my Bouquet and my daughters Flower halo! The table flowers at the wedding venue were a wedding gift from the Best man’s wife and her mum, a concoction of country flowers in all kinds of glass jars and bottles ranging from Ketchup Bottles to jam jars.

Bride’s dress /shoes Dress –  from Boa Boutique – Richmond, London.  An amazing shop with a lovely, visionary and creative owner called Shelia.  I tried on many a dress, with quite a fixed idea in my mind, but equally happy to try on something different! I quite by default ended up in Boa Boutique after deciding what I wanted didn’t exist I thought I might try a short dress.  Shelia directed me to a dress that I hadn’t even noticed! The dress had potential, if it just had this and just had that….Sheila is like a fairy God Mother!  She completely transformed the dress into my dream dress!  I want to get married just so I can wear it again!  For my shoes I wore White Leather Ballet Shoes from www.DanceDirect.com

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – I borrowed the beautiful vintage hair pins from a friend and brought the 2 tier detachable veil from eBay!

Bride’s hair /makeup – My talented friends helped me here!  My friend Rachel did my hair and all the bridesmaids.  My make was done by myself and my maid of honour!  And I treated myself to individual lashes again done by a friend!

Bridesmaids’/dresses/shoes/accessories –  The Bridesmaids dresses came from a website based in china called JJHouse.com.  I was a little cautious but what arrived were the most beautifully made, beautiful quality dresses and the colour matched perfectly with my daughter’s Flower girl’s dress which was from Monsoon.  All the bridesmaids wore Pink Leather Ballet Shoes from www.DanceDirect.com.   As a gift to wear on the day I got each Bridesmaid a pair of handmade Pink Fresh Water Pearl earrings from a seller called MonkeysNMunchkins on Etsy.com.  She even made mini Pearls earrings for my daughter!

Groom’s outfit/accessories/shoes – My husband’s suit was from the Spanish Designer Massimo Duti – London Oxford St Branch.  He wore a lovely fitted Navy suit accessorised with Brown Leather Belt and shoes from House of Fraser.

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories – We asked Best Man and Ushers to wear their own Navy suits to save some cash!  We then bought them their Ties which we had made along with my Son’s gorgeous Page Boy outfit by another seller we found on Etsy.com called OsEstorninhos.

Cake – I LOVE Victoria Sponge cake! I hate Icing!  My Mother in Law made the cake as a wedding gift, it was the most delicious cake and it looked so pretty even if it did raise a few eyebrows from the more traditional members of the wedding party!

DJ/entertainment –We made our own playlist!  Best thing we could have done! Every song was a favourite and now we have the best tunes ready to go anytime! Another great money saver!

Stationery – Invites were a wedding gift from a friend, the table places were just little hand written luggage tags with parcel string, I then attached the Favours to the tags with a sprig of Lavender in each.

Décor/wedding details – Most of the decorations came from our home!  I have a love of Hearts, fairy lights and all things ‘Pretty and Hangy!’ Extras such as Organza Rolls for the bows on the beams, extra fairy lights, The Candelabra, Old suitcase for collecting the wedding cards were all from eBay. The white Love signs were from Primark!  I just added the little ribbons!  The lovely bunting was made by my Mother in Law!  Lavender bunches which also decorated the Beams and the dried flower petals were donated from people around the Village and my Husband’s Granny’s garden! The Furniture and Linen hire was from BHK Rentals in Witney

Catering/food/drink- A BRILLIANT company called NG Catering! Headed up by Caroline Godden not only did they provide delicious food with the perfect mix or elegance and informality (exactly what we had asked for!) But Caroline kept the wedding running to time with ease and was almost invisible!  Brilliant service!  We had a range of Canapés and Prosecco on arrival to the reception venue, we then had Spit roasted Lamb with sharing platters of Roasted Lemon New Potatoes, Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Cous Cous, Tomato, Red Onion and Feta Salad amongst others.  The Sharing platters were perfect to get everyone stuck in and chatting so come dancing time everyone was well acquainted!  We served our wedding cake for desert with Fresh Fruit and cream with candied mint leaves!  Delicious!  Drinks were provided by Majestic who also offer sale or return on all unopened drinks and free glass hire!

Wedding favours – The Wedding Favours were sweet little Lavender Heart Bath Bombs in a little organza bag both sourced on eBay.

Honeymoon Destination – No honeymoon as yet as we have 2 small children and an even smaller budget! But instead of a traditional wedding gift list we asked if people would like to contribute to our Honeymoon which we intend to take on our First Anniversary next year!

**Final note all the big things were done by women!!!  The Dress, The Cake, The Caterer, The florist,  The Photographer!  Just saying!   I met a lot of wonderful and talented ladies on my wedding Journey!  Thank you Girls!!!



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