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Weddings and Le Creuset. A match made in heaven. Aside from all the other magic surrounding wedding planning, I think the gift list was one of my favourite parts. Michael and I hadn’t got our own house yet (how old school indeed) and so my trousseau was probably all we had in the way of house goods. I totally understand when couples say “oh but we have everything we could need already”. But it is not true. You always need more cast ironware, whether you’re doing the asking or the giving, the best place to start is Le Creuset. They are life long investments, the LBD of the kitchen world, and always appreciated. I should also add this is not a sponsored post, I just really love them! Even more now they have a wedding list service!


cast iron casserole dish – £109 (normal shaped dishes/sizes are cheaper)

The cast iron casserole dishes are just amazing. Cooking in them is an absolute dream whether its on the hob or being shoved in the oven and forgotten about. I can’t imagine cooking with anything else, so if you are just about to start your cookware collection or want to add to someone elses, a casserole dish is always welcome. If you just want to buy something small, the stoneware little heart dishes are perfect for chocolate fondants, mini crumbles and individual dauphinoise.

You can now register with Le Creuset for part of, or your entire wedding list. All you need to do is pop in store to sort it out! I am yet to venture in to their bakeware but I think that is where I will go next. Off to add to Christmas list!



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