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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Jenny Packham can do no wrong in my eyes. All her gowns are just so exquisite and the new 2014 collection is no different. Wouldn’t you all look wonderful in one of these? The images are from Friday’s catwalk show in New York.  The industrial New York venue was transformed into a tree lined boulevard at dusk, setting the scene for a Collection of romantically soft, feminine designs. 

Intricate, light beading, delicate embellishment and clean, understated silhouettes played homage to an Edwardian inspiration, whilst romantically voluminous ballerina skirts, graceful tulle sleeves and elegantly exposed backs brought to mind a very modern bride, evoking scenes of a chic European destination wedding. Soooo dreamy!

Jenny packham 2014 JennyPackham_SP2014_021 JennyPackham_SP2014_043 JennyPackham_SP2014_064 JennyPackham_SP2014_079 JennyPackham_SP2014_096 JennyPackham_SP2014_116 JennyPackham_SP2014_132 JennyPackham_SP2014_155 JennyPackham_SP2014_180 (1) JennyPackham_SP2014_200 JennyPackham_SP2014_217 JennyPackham_SP2014_233 JennyPackham_SP2014_252 JennyPackham_SP2014_268 JennyPackham_SP2014_280 JennyPackham_SP2014_303 JennyPackham_SP2014_314 JennyPackham_SP2014_330 JennyPackham_SP2014_347 JennyPackham_SP2014_366 JennyPackham_SP2014_386 JennyPackham_SP2014_401 JennyPackham_SP2014_421 JennyPackham_SP2014_435 JennyPackham_SP2014_453 JennyPackham_SP2014_465 JennyPackham_SP2014_486 JennyPackham_SP2014_503 JennyPackham_SP2014_525 JennyPackham_SP2014_542 JennyPackham_SP2014_556 JennyPackham_SP2014_565
Credits: Creative Direction – Jenny Packham
Production & PR: Blaire McColl,
Hair: Jeannie Syfu for TRESemme
Make Up: Talia Shobrook for Laura Mercier
Nails: Gina Edwards for Essie
Shoes: Louboutin
Set: LDJ Design



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