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Afternoon!! Today’s wedding is just adorable, I love Gemma’s dress, her flowers are gorgeousssss and there is the cutest engagement story that precedes it all. Enjoy…

From Gemma –

So about 6 weeks before leap year, Myself and my best friend Charlotte planned on the “proposal”. We’d make Dan his fave biscuits with “MARRY ME?” on them, with a Yes or No answer biscuits.  He would come back fro work and i’d tell him i’d made biscuits, that they were in the kitchen ready for him and to bring me one in…and then he’d see them and hopefully bring out the YES biscuit for me.

Well it didn’t go to plan AT ALL.

Back in Nov 2011, i’d slipped a disc playing football with my little brothers (didn’t even win the ball) and on the day of the “proposal” we’d planed to do the baking  but i’d really hurt my back and poor Dan had to in the end, take the day off work to take me to hospital…i had no time to make the biscuits!!!

So when we finally got home from the hospital, i knew my chance for a leap year proposal was almost slipping away so i suggested his fave for dinner, a pizza and popped on a movie. So when the pizza arrived,  I downed a glass of red and popped the question.  His little face, i’ll never forget it.

He said yes (obviously) and to this day he says that he should have known i was up to something when he saw me down a LARGE glass of red….

Photography by Joab Smith

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Venue – The Summer House, South Farm Shingay-cum-Wendy
Royston, Hertfordshire, SG8 0HR

Wedding photographer – Joab Smith  http://joabsmithphotography.co.uk/

Flowers –  The Traditional Vintage Flower Company.

Bride’s dress /shoes –  Bonnie Dress from Peaches Shop in Harlow, Essex.  Ivory lace style with dusky pink sash around the waist that then falls down the back.  Shoes from Jen Jen House.com. Due to Spinal Surgery just 3 months before I had to wear Trainers from New Look for most of the day (not that I was complaining)

Bride’s hair accessories/veil – www.micheledawn.co.uk – Handmade side tiara to match the detail on my waistband

Bride’s hair/makeup – Hair by Hairdresser Jamei. Going to him since I was 16 and years ago, he promised that when I get married he’ll come out of retirement (as he is now the director of the salon) and do my hair for the wedding. He kept his promise. Make up by Alison Curtis – http://www.marykay.co.uk/acurtis

Bridesmaids’/dresses/shoes/accessories: 6 Bridesmaids, 1 flower girl and 3 page boys.

Jenny, Charlotte, Kate, Donna (travelled all the way from OZ), Nicole (grooms sister) and my sister, Debbie and MOH.  Flower girl was my niece, Summer.  Page boys are my brothers, Teddy, Archie and my nephew Tyler.

Dusky pink vintage style Bridesmaids Dresses by JenJenHouse.com but Altered by Louise, my seamstress as they were all wrong.  http://www.marylouise.biz/.  Shoes and hair accessories were the bridesmaids own or handmade by themselves.

Summer wore a pink Monsoon Dress, Tyler wore a grey suit from Next and my brothers already had their own suits but had pink ties rom Next.

Groom’s outfit/accessories/shoes –  Dan got everything from Next.  All grey include shirt and skinny tie.  Jacket had lovely white piping on the lapels. Looked very vintage.

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories:  www.thegroomsroomessex.co.uk/‎  –  Grey suits but they had pink ties and pink hankies.  Best man (maz) was given Gold Vintage Racing car cufflinks as part of his gift.  He wore them on the day.

Cake –  A old friend that we both used to work with years ago. (Tracey Saunders) from Susie Bon Bea.  Four tier lemon and Raspberry sponge with butter cream icing.  And vintage edible buttons. http://susie-bon-bea.co.uk/.

DJ/entertainment –  An amazing band called.  4beats2thebar.  They even sung our frist dance song.  http://www.4beats2thebar.co.uk/

Stationery –  Designed by our good friend. Mario De Kauwe who lives in Sri Lanka.  www.behance.net/Mario_De_Kauwe   (heres the link to our invite – http://www.behance.net/gallery/Gem-and-Dan-wedding-invitation/8260501)

Décor/wedding details –  Supplied by myself, the bride.  From boot sales, ebay craft shops and handmade items ie all the bunting and button hearts etc.  Other items supplied by The Traditional Vintage Flower Company.  The theme was vintage and buttons. And colours were ivory/cream and dusky pink.

Catering/food/drink –  Supplied by South Farm.  Hot buffet chosen by us (Chilli Con Carne, Veggie lasagne and Crispy pork and plum sauce) and then hot finger buffet in the evening.

Wedding favours –  Wedding Badges  (Which read things like, ‘my feet are killing me’, ‘I love cake’ and ‘Team Groom’ and unlimited Ice cream (Bike)

Honeymoon Destination – Thailand for two blissful weeks.

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