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The blog has had so much gorgeousness on it this week, that I thought we should be ending with a beautiful collaboration of epic Yorkshire proportion. I wish I had seen the above dress before my wedding. It is so pretty, I wonder if Helen would let me visit to stroke it? Anywho, please enjoy, leave some love and pin away! 


This July, wedding photographer Laura Calderwood and couture bridal designer Helen Dryden Harland of Darling Fred joined forces to create a portfolio of elegant images at Goldsborough Hall, near Knaresborough.

Laura says, ‘We wanted the shoot to have a romantic and glamorous feel, to showcase the elegance and luxury of Helen’s exquisite bespoke wedding gowns and the work of some of our very favourite wedding suppliers. Goldsborough Hall, with its sweeping lawns, landscaped gardens and beautiful weeping ash and copper beech trees, made it the perfect location for the shoot.’


Helen adds, ‘Darling Fred and Laura Calderwood Photography want to do all they can to help brides have the perfect day they’ve always dreamed of. Hopefully from the stunning images we’ve produced, future brides will see that this is the case, and that quality, elegance and romance is everything to us.’

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All images: Laura Calderwood Photography

Couture full-length lace and silk wedding gowns: Darling Fred

Venue: Goldsborough Hall

Hair and make-up: Visage Make Up and Hair Design

‘All That Jazz’ headpiece, birdcage veil and beautiful butterfly back necklace: HF Couture

Bouquets: Alice & Rose Floral

Ornate armchair and vintage ladder: We Love This Ltd

Bracelets, earrings and necklaces: Darling Jewellery

Additional credits

Short wedding dress by True Bride, customised by Darling Fred

Halo & Coheadpiece – models own

Shoes – all models own

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Nevsky nebel //

Hi helen,

Just wanted to say that all your dresses look gorgeous and the photography is beautiful too! Hope your well and enjoying life up north xx