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Morning! For those of you who know my in real life, you will know that given the choice I will choose sweets over any other form of food types…like this guy.

So when The Gobstopper emailed and offered me a kilner jar (another favourite) full of sweets, would I turn this down? Nay. I will also have to tell you that my sweet choices are not conventional, I was able to choose 3 different types of sweets out of a verrrrry extensive range and I opted for floral gums, chewing nuts and Yorkshire mix. If you too would have chosen these exact three, please get in touch as you are my soul mate.

IMG_7254 IMG_7255

I also have to apologise for the use of iphone rather than whipping out my actual camera. I have a confession. I ate them all before I had the chance and I am not sorry at all as they were amazing. These would make such perfect wedding favours or to have in the middle of table for everyone to enjoy.

IMG_7257 IMG_7259 IMG_7260


I want more 🙁


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Phoebe //

Yay! Michael looks disgusted when they arrived but it was a kilner jar of heaven for me 🙂