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Loving that Autum is just around the corner. Hello tweed and sloe gin.

Goooooood Afternoon!!!

I have done many of these before but thought I would now do a round up of each month. I was going to film it, but I will do that for the August edition. Maybe. If I am brave enough.

The Sunshine!!!!

I have to start with this, loving how warm and sunny it has been even in gloomy Yorkshire over the last month.


~ source ~


Jo Malone – Blackberry and Bay. Smells like heaven. Perfect for the coming months. I suggest you make your way to your nearest shop and spritz it and fall in love.



I watch probably too much television. There is always something on I want to watch and my viewing is exceptionally diverse. From Gardeners World to Big Brother. Horizon to Geordie Shore. TV lately has been fantastic, loved Luther, Nashville, Made in Chelsea, Sherlock, The Mill, The White Queen, Girls, Once Upon a Time, The Returned, Suits, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and 8 out of 10 cats does countdown. And now the prospect of Great British Bake Off and Downton. Yessss.



Oh my days. Josh Widdicombe on XFM. It has me in giggles every time I listen. Secondly, Radio 4s Show What You Wrote, again, exceptionally funny. I suggest you download the app and subscribe to both.



Avicii – Wake Me Up. On repeat. (I also shamefully adore Selena Gomez’s new song but don’t tell anyone that)

Make up

I spend far too much time and money on make up, last month I was focussed on getting my skin in a better condition which I have managed to do thanks to my dear beloved Clarins. I have tried every brand of foundation and I have been using Clarins Everlasting for the last 3 years but last month it was absolutely perfect in the heat and didn’t slide off my face once. I wear 105 – nude.



Oh my goodness. I ate so much of this during July that I have just had to give it up cold turkey. No more chocolate. Especially this.



LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! From Joules

joules jumper fox


The Mortal Instruments series. It may not be your kind of thing, it is a long the twilight/hunger games type genre but from page 1 you are hooked and intrigued by what will happen. I love submerging myself in other worlds and this series sees to that perfectly. The film is out at the end of the month should you not wish to read them. But I would definitely recommend that you do!

Screen Shot 2013-07-05 at 1.52.19 PM

Wedding World

Here are a few of my current favourites within the wedding world


Halfpenny London

Photographer –

Florist –

Dress –

Event Planners –

Make up –


Maria Fowler – Bare with me on this one. I never really watched The Only Way is Essex, I think I dipped in and out during the first series but that was it, I only had room in my life for Made in Chelsea. My sister text me to say that Maria Fowler (from TOWIE) was in the London Inn (which was a rather shady pub in Stamford) and I then twitter stalked her to see a few images and subsequently started following her. Forward a year or so and Maria spiralled in to severe depression and attempted to take her own life. I tuned in to watch a very emotional interview on This Morning and was just amazed by how brave she was. She is now using her fame to help other sufferers and raise mental health awareness. She has gone from being “just an extra” to an inspirational lady.  And for that I love her. (Oh and she has an adorable puppy Dave the Dachshund)


Online Shopping 

Mungo and Maud is a gorgeous online shop and I would love to take Atticus to their flagship store. I may be slightly biased  as they use a schnauzer to model some of their beautiful knitwear.

Mungo and Maud

Secondly, newly launched Little Rowen and Wren. Super gorgeous children’s interiors, accessories and gifts. I still remember getting my very first Rowen and Wren newsletter and being blown away by all the gorgeousness.

Little Rowen and Wren

 These guys 

This image got a few giggles on instagram (also loving still)


I always feel like somebody is watching me


I love him more every month, that’s Michael, not the dog.

 So! What are you currently loving? Or feel free to add to my lists if you have recommendations. 


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