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Well helllloo there. Are you sitting in a very cool room, curtains closed, windows open, enjoying an ice lolly? No. Me neither. The weather is absolutely glorious, I am definitely a warm weather gal. Night times are a little bit too muggy in our house due to having our bedroom the fourth floor, aside from that, I am not complaining. What’s even better is that I can blog from the garden whilst sipping cool lemonade, looking over gorgeous couples special day and this wedding is no exception. Gypsophila was the main flower used throughout. In Japanese Gypsophila is called ‘Kasumi-sou’ which is what Kasumi’s parents named her after. Kasumi also made green tea and earl grey cookies as favours representing the countries they originally come from.


Photography by  Tori Deslauriers


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Venue: Prested Hall, Feering, Colchester

Wedding photographer: Tori Deslauriers Photography

Flowers: The Traditional Vintage Flower Company

Bride’s dress /shoes: Dress – Alfred Angelo 2300 / Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Bride’s hair accessories/veil: Didn’t wear a veil because the dress had a low back and wanted to show that off.

Bride’s hair /makeup: Hair was put in a cute swirly bun.  Air brush make up was done by Yukari Wilson.

Bridesmaids’/dresses/shoes/accessories: The three bridesmaids were all from different countries (UK, USA and Japan). They were asked to buy a blue dress in whatever shade/style they liked. We wanted them to buy something they would wear again. For that reason the shoes were all different as well.

Groom’s outfit/accessories/shoes: Suit and waistcoat from TM Lewin, cravat and hankie hired from Debenhams. Kevin had a Japanese flag cufflink on one side and the Union Flag on the other – signifying the two different countries we are from. He wore Guinness socks – more details about this in the groomsmen section.  He also carried a pocket watch, a gift from his parents, and attached to the chain was his father’s gold sovereign, which he wore on his own wedding day, way back when!!  All the shoes for both groom and groomsmen where purchases in Xplicit (see below).

Groomsmen’s outfits/accessories: All matching suits from Xplicit, a menswear shop in Peterborough. They all wore handmade Guinness glass cufflinks, purchased on Etsy, and Guinness socks – Kevin’s grandfather ‘Whit’ who lived until he was 102, was an East London pub landlord and an avid Guinness drinker. We wanted to include him in the day somehow and thought that this was the perfect way to do so.

Prior to the wedding, Kevin had made custom Guinness bottle labels and stuck them onto actual bottles of Guinness.  Instead of it saying Guinness it said ‘Best Man’ and ‘Groomsman’, and these were then given to his best man/groomsman when he asked them to be a part of the day.

Cake: All handmade by Kasumi and her mom. Carrot Cake, Strawberry Cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake, Lemon Drizzle Cake and New York Cheese Cake. We also had a ‘stack of cheese’ cake in the middle of the cake table which we bought from M&S. Neither of us are a big fan of fruit cakes so we decided to buy/bake something we both like!

DJ/entertainment: Silver Sparks Mobile Disco

Also, in the evening, our videographers (Unique Wedding Productions) set up a room where people could record special video messages.

Stationery: Save the dates and Invitations were all handmade by Kasumi and Kevin. We wanted the origami theme to run through the wedding, so our save the dates were an origami heart and our invitation was a card where you can keep folding and it will eventually come back to the beginning (called the Never Ending Card). The rest of the stationery – menu cards, flags for the cakes & cheese, amongst other bits – had either origami cranes on them, or had a Gypsophilia décor on it.

Courtesy of The Traditional Vintage Flower Company we also had a statement piece which was, in simplistic terms, a vase with branches coming from it, which had even more origami cranes hanging from it.

We also had a ‘wedding tree’ rather than a guest book, where people could stamp their fingerprint and sign their name next to it.  When everyone has made their mark, the fingerprints look like leaves on the tree.  We purchased out tree through a seller on Etsy.

Décor/wedding details: We used a lot of origami cranes as the décor – the majority of them being used for the Gazebo where we got married. The groom and groomsmen had a manic morning tying them to the beams the morning of the wedding.  The cranes were also used in other places – each guest had a crane stuck to their name cards.

A lot of other things were also hand-made, such as the origami flower balls we put along the aisle leading up to the Gazebo and origami flowers used on the registrar’s table…..We used old-windows we bought through e-bay and wrote the Seating Plan as well as Schedule of the day, Welcome sign and a sign asking guests to sit wherever they like rather than splitting guests depending on if they’re friends or family of either the bride or groom.

Catering/food/drink: All done by Prested Hall

Wedding favours: Each guest had two cookies – an Earl Grey cookie and a Green tea cookie – two different teas from the countries we are from.  These were also made by Kasumi, and bagged by Kevin and Kasumi’s father!

Honeymoon Destination: Had a week ‘mini-moon’ break in a little town in the Algarve, Portugal. We are going to Kauai, a Hawaiian island in September.



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Tori Deslauriers //

Phoebe, thank you so much for featuring this, it looks lovely. I did comment at the time and it’s not made it here (I’m hopeless with technology) so I apologise profusely! I know Kev & Kasumi were over the moon to have all their hard work on their wedding recognised by someone, other than their wide-eyed guests of course, so thank you, thank you, thank you! xxx