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Good afternoon all! A little post today on a blog haul I received in the mail yesterday which was a selection of scented candles from Scented Candle Shop. I was asked to choose 5, I had no idea where to start. Their range is extensive and I wasn’t sure what kind of candles I wanted to review so I opted for a seasonal mix. I usually only have Pomegranate Noir or a Christmas candle on the go in the house. I prefer earthy, woody scents so I thought it was best I opted for things I wouldn’t usually choose…ish.

Christmas Eve Candle – I have a thing about Christmas scented candles, they are my weakness and when it comes to January sales I BUY THEM ALL to have going throughout the year. I know it’s weird but I find it so comforting. This smell is delicious and perfect for adding scent to a winter wedding that can’t be achieved through flowers.

christmasevecandle.jpg christmaseveyankee.jpg

Thyme and Mint Herb Candle – Also picture with Atticus above. Love love love this one! A really fresh and herby scent, perfect for a kitchen window sill or even better, dotted around your wedding venue especially if you are already having herb infused floral displays then this will only add to it. I also love the really simple terracotta pot.


Sparkling Snow Multi Wick Candle – a little too sweet for my liking, it smells like fresh Christmas cookies mixed with pine fresher, which may be your thing. This is also my first time with a double wick Yankee Candle and I find it a little too over powering for my small living room but I can only imagine perfect for larger places.

sparklingsnowcandle.jpg sparklingsnowyankee.jpg sparklingsnowyankee2.jpg

St Eval Spring Flower Floral Candle – A really light and floral fragrance, I think this is my favourite of the five I received. It is quite perfumed but in a delicate way (does that even make sense??) and I will definitely be repurchasing this after it has run out!

springflowerscandle.jpg springflowerscandle2.jpg

Wedding Day Candle – Well, this would be a lovely scent to have wafting the morning of your wedding. And each time you lit it you could think back to what a nervous, giggly wreck you were. For some reason, which is a very poor reference to 99% of you, it reminds me of my grandmother. It has a comforting perfumed scent but isn’t too over powering. Truly lovely.


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