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Gooood Morning all!!

Today on the blog is the Q&A of newest sponsor Darren Mack. I blogged this wedding of his recently (pictured above) which is continuing to be very popular each day.

A quick Q&A with Darren Mack 


 Favourite Film: Pulp Fiction

 Favourite Song: Anything by Jimi

 Favourite Month: August, because i get to be a Dad!

 Favourite Drink: Whiskey with Ice

Favourite Food: Chinese Takeaway

 Favourite Word: Cellar Door (Donnie Darko)


Favourite Book: 1984 – George Orwell

Favourite Quote from a Film: So much room for activities

Best piece of advice you have ever been given: if you’re going to have to do something, you might as well choose to enjoy it, man…


A few more facts:

  • I prefer Daz to Darren
  • I like to get tattooed
  • I’ve owned a guitar for 12 years, I’ve only just started taking lessons this year
  • I’m really bad at football, but I still play 5 aside most weeks
  • I’ve thought about being vegetarian, but I love chicken and steak way too much
  • I have no shame in singing along to The Bee Gees
  • I have a Husky named Skyla
  • I’m really bad at telling a funny story and laughing so much that I can’t get the punch line out


To see more of Darren’s work click here.

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