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Afternoon all. Now, I know that some of your will be nursing champagne fuelled hangovers from last nights antics at the launch of Love My Dress’s book – Style Me Vintage. (review to come shortly!) So what you really want, aside from a sausage and egg sandwich, is to look at beautiful cakes. Whilst Lindsay was staying I forgot to ask for Tea Room submissions so I decided to pick one of my favourite bakers and blog about them without their permission. Hopefully it will go down well.

Meet the baker

I am slightly biased in my selection. But only just, as Holly at Stamford based Mimosa Bakery is unbelievably talented. Especially when it comes to her hand painted cakes. My wedding cake was made by my uncles who own our family bakery along the east coast of Lincolnshire. It was a simple three tiered cake decorated in Miss Pickering’s flowers. If I were to get married tomorrow, there is no question that I would have Holly do an extra cake for me just so I can marvel at it’s beauty.

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She can even paint you a schnauzer cupcake. These were for my sister.



Are you now a Mimosa Bakery fan girl too? Find her on facebook and twitter!recipe for today



Call Me Cupcake is one of my favourite food blogs. I adore the photography and Linda’s recipes are always so fun. This one is a 6 layer funfetti ombre cake. I wish I spoke Swedish because I would love to add her book to my burgeoning collection. I have bought hundreds and thousands ready to try this at the weekend.

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Chris Krasnobrucky //

Did you hand paint your tea cakes or did you use flower transfer? If transfers, were can I find them? Thank you you have a lovely web sight.