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This is the story of the bouquet. Bex is as beautiful inside and out as the masterpieces she creates. Have you ever wondered what goes in to making your bouquet? Whilst Bex makes it sound easy, it really isn’t. I have tried and failed. 


First picture shows me prepping the roses and other flowers….

We are using some of Blush’s favourite blooms…
Sweet Avalanche roses,
Cream Avalanche roses,
Apricot stocks,
Silver brunia,
Pastel pink ranunculus,
White tulips,


I also have my faithful pair of scissors (had them for ten years) and some clear pot tape.


I start by removing all the leaves and grouping them together on my work bench.


Starting with my main flower, which is normally a big rose or peony, I start to build around this adding the other flowers as I twist the design around in my hand. This creates the spiral effect with stems and gives it that “bouquet” shape.

I regularly check the design in the mirror, just to see if the shape is even. As soon as I’m happy with it, I grab a little pot tape or string and tie the design together.

2013-03-15_0059 2013-03-15_0061

Once it’s all fixed together and I’m happy with it, I then trim down the stems so they are all the same length.

I then add the ribbon and fix with pins and a bow!

All ready and looking pretty to ‘wow’ the bride on her big day!



Photos by Ginny Marsh Photography

Flowers by Blush Floral Design


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Thank you so much lovely for the feature! You need to come down South and have a day making pretty floral things, whilst drinking tea and eating cake! Xx