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You have sent out the save the dates, you got a good reception. Everyone seems excited. You tick a long with you plans and then send out your beautifully chosen (and perhaps hand crafted) invitations. This is when the sh*t will hit the fan. I do not want scare you. I do not want you to fret but I would like you to be prepared.

Absolute idiots will crawl out of your family woodwork, friends will lose the capability to google things for themselves. People will not RSVP in the allotted time and 40% will RSVP through Facebook.

Now, you may not be bothered by the latter, you may not mind chasing people up, you may not mind answering queries but when you have done it 30 times a day you will.

Questions you will be asked – 

– Where is XYZ, how far is it from XYZ, is there parking?

– May I bring my girlfriend/boyfriend of 2 days, we are seriously in love?

– You only addressed us, but are children allowed?

– May I buy you something off the gift list?

– Is XYZ invited?

– Will there be a free bar?

– What shall I wear?

So what should you do? 

1) Include a map drawn by a cartographer which shows historical, cultural and geographical reference points. Including car parks.

2) Only invite people with a high IQ (this would help solve most issues)

3) Only invite other married people, with no children.

4) Supply a gift list, bank details and a key to your house for people to just pop round and shit on your dining table.

5) Publish your guest list in the Daily Telegraph. Much like the New Years Honours list.

6) *sigh*

7) Hire Gok Wan to visit everyone’s house and take them shopping for a good fitting bra and belts to make a cinched in waist. And a hat.


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Sam //

Haha! Spot on amazing. Been asked all of those questions already a million times. Getting mighty cheesed off! Might cancel the wedding and go hide under my bed. Xx

Phoebe //

Hahaha. The problem is you kind of just have to go with it. Hand over your numbers to the venue then forget about it and enjoy everything else leading up to the wedding.

Elissa //

We sent out a newsletter using Mail Chimp with all the extra information such as where to stay and how to get there. That doesn’t account for the people who “didn’t get the email” though (check your email then) – there were a few of those! Plus the ones that did receive the email and still asked for hotel recommendations. Just breath and smile!

Anna //

OR you could not be a dick and remember they’ve probably been invite to five other weddings and birthdays this year and yours isn’t the most important thing happening in their life this year.

I don’t get this attitude at all. If people have questions about your wedding, surely that’s a good thing. Answer them kindly and be helpful instead?

Phoebe //

I am pretty sure no one will be doing as suggested above, and everyone will politely answer any guest queries because we are, after all, inherently nice people.

Colette //

Ha ha love the “You’re Welcome” bit at the end!!

You are too funny lady.

You are right though, we had literally a bible delivered to our guest way back, and I did a wedding website with ALL information from dress code to directions… Yet still the questions came… 😉

Jaye Cole | Tux and Tales Photography //

Number 4 made me giggle so loud I think Matt got a bit worried.

You are too funny as always!

I remember on our EXTENSIVE list of instructions, we made the mistake of using google maps for the directions and it gave everyone the wrong exit number. HELLLOOO nightmare.

I think no matter what you do – there will always be bits of the wedding planning that make you want to jump off a bridge.