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Good morning all! I am still under the weather for some unknown reason, I have been drinking Berroca and everything but alas, still sick. Do you know what helps though? Looking at pretty things. You may have already seen these images, but I forgot how gorgeous it all was so thought I would share on my own blog for you. It was put together by the legendary Emma at Miss Bush, I would love to step in her head, did you see her recent inspiration? It involved vegetable cake pops and what not. Anywho! PIN AWAY!!!

Dresses ~ Jenny Packham at Miss Bush Bridalwear

Photography ~ Juliet McKee

Flowers ~ Fairynuff Flowers AND Bloomingayles (how the floristry world didn’t implode I have no idea)

Hair ~Elbie van Eeden

Make Up ~ Carolanne Armstrong

Accessories ~ Polly Edwards

_JMP0079 _JMP0092 _JMP0095 _JMP0122 _JMP0124 _JMP0142 _JMP0154 _JMP0163 _JMP0165 _JMP0178 _JMP0181 _JMP9657 _JMP9796 _JMP9817 _JMP9864 _JMP9891 _JMP9934 _JMP9940 Astrantia- Hibiscus-Jenny-Packham jenny-Packham-2013 Jenny-Packham-Azalea Jenny-Packham-bead-work Jenny-Packham-bridal Jenny-Packham-Hibiscus Jenny-Packham-Muscari jenny-Packham-Ruby Miss-Bush-Bridal Muscari Muscari-by-Packham Nerine-bridal-dress Nerine-by-Jenny-Packham Nerine-dress Packham-Bridal-2013 Peach-&-cream-bouquet Tuberose Tuberose-by-Packham Tuberose-dress


Whilst three of these lovely ladies are sponsors, this is not a sponsored post. We all just have great taste.

Will you be wearing The Packham?

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