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I will often do a little filler post whilst waiting for suppliers, photographers or myself to finish a post. One of my favourites is my “currently loving“. Mainly because I like to then hear what you are currently loving. So, in no particular order:

Africa on BBC one – love Attenborough 



Tea – when it has reached the perfect drinking temperature and there is just the right amount of milk


Sun Sex and Suspicious parents plus anything else in this genre. What Happens in Kavos, The Magaluf Weekender. I have a problem. 

Sun Sex And Suspicious Parents

My Debretts diary and filling it with exciting things (just realise it was on another  currently loving list and I didn’t even own one at the time)


 Finding new florists to fall in love with –

floret wedding flowers

Bumble Bee by Alex Monroe – -Miss London Bride showed me this and now I am in love. 

alex monroe bumble bee

Found an old ipod with songs I had completely forgotten about 


The snow

snow leeds schnauzer  Cox and Cox candles, in particular the tomato and blackcurrant  Totally random scent but smells like heaven. 


 What are you currently loving?? 


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Karen Whybro //

Totally with you on the TV – there seems to be a delightful series of cow pat programmes on at the moment which are just too awful not to watch.
Tea is always on my love list – never gonna change. But, we can’t do scented candles in this house – an asthmatic husband means they are banned. Even the faintest sniff of anything in any way nice smelling brings on a sneezing fit that leaves me wanting to murder someone I normally quite like.