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When you start down the wonderfully daunting path of planning your wedding you will meet problems that will quite simply boil down to a “can we afford it” question. However some aspects should be approached with a “can we afford not to”. Skimping on your photography is a no no. Then prioritise what you feel is important. A bespoke dress? A forest of flowers? A unicorn made from cheese? Hiring Taylor Swift (whose new song is awesome btw)? Then you will be sat at your dining table with pens, coloured high-lighters and paper everywhere. You look up at your other half, wild eyed, manic twitches, and declare “I know, I will DIY most of it”. Crazy? Perhaps.

Here is my helpful (?) DIY flow chart to help you decide whether or not you should DIY a certain project. Click on it to enlarge, print it out to remain sane at troublesome times. Start at the diamond.




I recently watched Kirstie’s Homemade Home, she helped a couple create their homespun, DIY wedding. It was a beautiful wedding don’t get me wrong but she gleamed over the actual horrors that can occur when DIYing certain aspects especially when she nonchalantly suggests you “do your own wedding flowers”.

Some of Georgie's creations.

Some of Georgie’s creations.

Now, one of my most popular posts is this one by Georgie at Common Farm Flowers about growing your own flowers, and if you are that way inclined then I would say go for it, grow them. But let a florist do your bouquets, and anything that is structured. If you are growing some wild flowers then putting them in milk churns then yes it will be cheaper. If you want your flowers to last the day and not fall out everywhere then you will need help. You also need to know that you will be faffing around the morning of your wedding arranging them and will ruin your nails. You will also have to have conditioned them prior so that they are open/won’t die.

The same goes for stationery, you will have errors when printing, paying for ink, designing and putting it all together. But if you have a husband who can design, or access to a great printer then go for it.

Wedding photographer London

Hannah cut out all of her pixel confetti! – Photography by Laura Babb

The wonderful Hannah Millard did some fantastic DIY for her wedding day because I think she would have been hard pushed to find some of the things she wanted online. They looked amazing and you could tell a lot of love and time went in to all her geeky details. This kind of DIY warms my heart.

Just remember that you need a lot of time, patience and sometimes a bit more money, but when you get it right, it really is so evident to your guests that you have spent your planning days dipping feathers in glitter and turning them in to a giant owl.

Will you be DIYing?


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Vicki DeBlasi //

Great post. And personally, I now realise I do need a cheese unicorn in my life.

I think people often think DIY’ing things will be cheaper without taking into consideration the need to buy materials, tools etc….not to mention the physical time and stress cost.

I hear time and time again that to have a personalised wedding you have to DIY…not so…for my own wedding we worked with a veritable dream team of suppliers who created beautiful, personalised elements for our day. And we didn’t have any stress or last minute crafting traumas! DIY’ing can be a great option – but if it’s not your natural tendency or skill set, think very carefully before you embark!