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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

There should be more orange in weddings. This year has seen lots of coral. Next year, lets do orange or at least peach? Like I said?

By Burnetts Boards. Can you believe she keeps coming up with such beautiful boards?



photo credits: chairsrecordorange flowersorchardtin pail flowerspickle jarsblue dressparty hatsgirl in orange skirtorange houseembroidered heart.

Have a lovely Sunday! I will be tending to the ‘garden’. I should show you some pictures of our land. We live in a back to back terrace so  only have a front patch. A front patio’d patch. And I have NO idea what to do with it!


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I do enjoy a bit of orange and teal…and if you look carefully you’ll notice it’s a favourite with film makers these days too. The whole of the film Shame is pretty much just teal and orange!