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You could quickly scroll to the end of this post and see what it is. Go on. You might as well. Ok?

My wedding day was perfection. I enjoyed every single second. It was utter bliss, the best day of my life. I had marginal post wedding blues, but we swiftly moved in to a new house, all the gift list stuff arrived, the blog took off, I got a puppy, then we bought our very own house in March of this year so my mind has been preoccupied. I love our photos. But what I realised a few months after receiving them, was that something else was missing.

We received this as a surprise from one of Michaels best friends (you don’t have to watch it) but it made me realise that what I was missing was a video. When I watch this back, I remember bits that I had previously forgotten or missed as I was gallivanting round Stamford posing with lamp-posts etc. I am glad that he captured the speeches, as quite frankly, I wasn’t listening properly on the day. I don’t really remember all the well wishes, what Michael looked like, how good my boobs looked in my dress, but thanks to this, I do.

I would implore that you think about budgeting for a wedding video. I recently saw this epicness on Love My Dress. I would have lovveeeed the Roland Mihalszky treatment. Take a moment to watch –


[vimeo w=400&h=300]


Speechless every time I watch it. So yes, my biggest regret was not getting someone to film the day. I really wish someone had told me to do it. But whilst planning I didn’t even consider it and ploughed on through blogs and magazines, scrap booking pictures of various shades of greige and jam jars over flowing with wild wintery floral arrangements. Sigh. If only I could do it all again.



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anna {far from the wedding crowd} //

Confession time. I really wish we’d had a video too.

Eventhough I still haven’t watched what my father in law videoed. (Mainly because I don’t want to see myself and also he has a propensity to film feet and interesting conversations – read arguments!)

What a great prize!

Rachel //

I know I’m still a newly married but we didn’t get a video and I don’t miss it. Yet. Maybe I will next year… I was so close to booking one and I’m glad I didn’t.

James Lester (@JamesPLester) //

I agree, even though we’re photographers and we visualise everything in stills we still want a video for our wedding. There’s something about video that photography doesn’t capture and vice versa.

Jaye Cole | Tux and Tales Photography //

I love well done wedding videos. I have seen some truly amazing ones in my day and I am always excited when brides send me the link to see videos from days I photographed. It is so much fun.

I only have one caveat – as a bride you need to consider which of the two mediums is going to take priority on the day. There is only one ‘perfect spot’ and you have essentially hired two people to be in that same spot all day. Most videographers I work with are lovely – but for the 10% who lack something in the professionalism department – they have seriously damaged some of the photos from the day (eg- jumping in front of my camera during confetti ensuring I get no confetti photos). It is important to communicate your needs to each of the vendors clearly. If a bride would like the video to take pride of place, I am happy to take the ‘less than prime’ spot on the day (and the bride will have adjusted her expectations of the kind of photos she will get from me). But when there is no communication, it can get frustrating for everyone involved because we are both vying for the same moments.

Nim //

Luckily, in terms of cost, we have a friend who is a film editor doing ours – he is a wedding guest first and foremost so we’re only asking him to do the ceremony, speeches and first dance. Maybe I will regret not getting the whole thing video’d?

We’re currently debating Super 8 film – he can do that too at cost, so maybe it will end up costing us a few hundred (I like that I can treat hundreds in wedding world as tenners in my normal life).

I’ve sent this post to a few of my friends – I hope someone of them gets a video!


kelleon106 //

Wow amazing prize. **fingers crossed**

It’s something our budget just won’t allow due to a difficult family situation that arose and a redundancy and is something I am already regretting not being able to have but I know as long as we sign that dotted line and say the essential words and have that little circle of metal all will be amazing.