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Turning to nature for one of my favourite colours. I don’t really wear it, I don’t plan on painting my house with it. But my goodness, when it is done right, electric blue can look wonderful. Though the variety in ‘electric’ is evident. What you are going for is a ruddy bright blue.


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Window Sill  // Kingfisher // Pots  //

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Interiors  // Birds //


Should you want to use blue at your wedding….

Dress – TwoBirds // Shoes – Louboutin // Bag – Hermes

And it isn’t a blog post if I don’t show you some flora…

Flowers by The Rose Shed

Flowers by Bloomingayles

Photography by jennifertakesphotos.co.uk


I always think of this song whenever I hear “electric blue”. It is in my head now, so it is only fair it is in yours too…


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmZexg8sxyk]



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Celia Lacy (@BrideElectric) //

No surprises here, but I LOVE this post! Electric shades are the best. Bright blue is such a happy colour – a wonderful choice if you want to use some popping colour in your theme whilst keeping this classic and beautiful.