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Welcome to wonderful new sponsor Gorgeous Cakes – and what beautiful cakes they are!! My favourite is the bird cake. I like birds, I like cake. Win. I also would like someone to dare me to put one of those cakey baubles in my mouth all at once.


A Quick Q & A

Favourite Colour:
All shades of blue from palest aquamarine to deep ink

Favourite Film:
My Neighbour Totoro

Favourite Song:
Muse, “Super Massive Black Hole”

Favourite Month:
September: my birthday month! Warm sunny days, ripe fruit,
gorgeous autumn colours

Favourite Flower:
Dahlia, because it has so many varieties and colours from
simple daisy-like blooms to big blowsy double frilled

Favourite Drink:
A really hot, strong mug of Yorkshire tea!

Favourite Food:
A runny boiled egg, laid by one of our hens, with wholemeal
toast and butter

Favourite Word:
Epiphenomenal. A long word for a side effect, but lovely to say,
especially after a few glasses of Merlot!

Favourite Perfume:
Chanel No5

Favourite Book:
Anything by Thomas Hardy

Favourite Quote from a Film:
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?:
Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom

Photo credit to http://www.lyndsey-james.co.uk/ for the top image.


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