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Herbs are easy to grow. So they say. After a cruel winter I have been left with mint only. My sage withered, my rosemary froze to death and my thyme was scorched. I think it is a lovely idea to give wedding guests something that not only is a reminder of your wedding, won’t collect dust and can be popped in to a cocktail or cooking. Herbs can be used in many different ways at your wedding and something that you can grow yourself to keep costs down.


Seating plan 

Herb favour

Herb favours

Table centrepieces 

Lavender cocktails 

Herb bouttonieres 

Herb posy – traditional flower company

I love some rosemary in my gin and tonic. Mint in my Pimms and thyme in my lemon vodka. This makes me sound like a herby lush. I do cook with them also. If there is any left. Whenever I smell rosemary I think of my own wedding bouquet, and lamb, and gin.



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Nimet //

LOVE some good herbage.

When I went to see my wedding florist, the first thing I said was ‘herbs’. Defs having rosemary, sage and poss mint and dried lavender. I want my wedding flowers to look and smell as though they were picked out of my own garden as grow most of our own herbs and flowers (um, well, Alex grows them and I project manage / admire / pick / cook / put into vases etc), but I don’t trust myself to make a bouquet.

If you’re having a wedding bbq, you can use a rosemary stalk as a skewer and leave some leaves on the end so the kebab looks pretty (it’s about AS pretty as you can make a kebab, mind..)

I also love these pink peppercorns in this bride’s bouquet:

Great post, Mrs Miller xx