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I love sunshine. I love food. I love food in the sunshine. So? Picnic? It did occur to me that planning a picnic wedding reception is never going to be the best idea with our wonderfully inclement weather but you can always have a back up plan? I then thought, it isnt most practical to have your elderly guests sat cross legged eating anti-pasti so perhaps picnic tables would be better. But. Whilst I may have taken a tiny bit of romance out of the idea, it still would make for a wonderful summers wedding.

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I couldn’t actually find that many images or actual weddings, perhaps couples wouldn’t want to risk the rain element?

Another great thing about having a picnic wedding reception is the food!! I mean, who doesn’t love a picnic loaf, pasta salad, quiche and scotch eggs? If this is you then we have issues.

Best recipe for a picnic loaf. And so so easy!

And then Pimms, cocktails and drinks with pretty straws? Candles in jars, lots of fairy lights and a warm summers evening whilst you have your first dance? Yes please.




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celia lacy {unveil} (@unveilwed) //

One of the best weddings I’ve ever been to was a garden party picnic. there was a feast of relaxed, homecooked food, flowers everywhere and we all sat on rustic mismatched picnic tables. It was divine!