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I will try very hard to make this post sound objective and not entirely sycophantic. Truth be told, I’m not sure I can. I am obsessed with Design Seeds and I have been for a year or so. The concept itself is quite simple. A beautiful photo with its main and complimentary colours picked out. But Jessica has a real flare for colour, something that I can only look on and try to emulate.

I pinned these palettes a while ago and they are now taped to various walls in the new house. Yes there is a theme. Yes I love grey.

When choosing colours for my own wedding I spent a fair bit of time on the Farrow and Ball site and when I finally realised that I liked far too many colours I decided to have them all in their muted tones. Yes there was grey.

The website is a great tool for assisting your fried bridal mind whether you are searching for a hue of bridesmaid dress, or what colours you would like on your invites, there is so so much inspiration.

You can also buy the Design Seeds books to adorn your coffee table. They can all be found here on Blurb. If you are lucky enough to live in American or Canada there is currently a giveaway going on where you can win all of volume 6!

Here are todays pallets. You can find daily updates on pinterest and twitter along with their main website.



So go forth and be colourful!


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