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I often write a “currently loving” post. It includes things that I am obsessed with that month, from certain drinks to websites. Todays post is wedding industry focused, I have picked out a few things I am adoring at the moment. Are you?

Firstly, I came across green eyes last year, and I have been lusting after them ever since. Yes they are peculiar, but in the most beautiful of ways

From Fairy Nuff Flowers yesterday at Hampton Court. Beautiful with succulents.

Keeping on with the floral theme, Miss Mole Flower Emporium updated her Facebook a few days ago with this creation by Treacle and Co. Cake. Flowers. Fruit. I’m pretty sure that’s all you need for a wonderful woodland wedding cake?

I also spied the same flora/fruit themed cake on Little Bites.

If you don’t fancy going for the fresh fruit and flowers, you could always get them lovingly hand painted on. Holly at Mimosa Bakery executes this skill to perfection…

These wedding invitations from Hello Lucky are beautiful

If I could have, I totally would have but I just don’t have the figure for this kind of dress by Temperley London

A Rust ring was on my christmas list. I got a puppy. Not complaining but it will be making its way on to next years list.

Something a bit different for you table centerpieces and other wedding decor from Magpie Miller, these would look beautiful with bundles of bright flowers and foliage.

So! Anything else you are currently loving?

I am off to lay on copious amounts of beds today and play out scenes from 500 days of summer. We will have a happier ending though.

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