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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Twitter – a wonderful medium connecting you with people across the globe that you may not have met otherwise. I love it. I truly do. The pros outweigh the cons. But it’s the cons that have been bugging me lately. 

You have 140 characters, so tell the world something wonderful. Just think about what you are writing. Yes, I can often tweet about the mundane things in my life, yes I can share my opinion on ghastly flowers. But there is never a malicious undertone. None of my tweets are secret codes aimed at someone. Yet a lot of people blatantly do this. Don’t bully. Don’t make your account private so you can bitch. 

You have 140 characters, be positive. Why spend those characters berating someone? Why waste your pre-determined tweet with poisonous intent. Don’t mock mental illness, don’t slander someone in the industry. Be nice

You have 140 characters – do not use this as your diary. I get you are having a hard time. But I don’t want my timeline constantly full of it. Use your actual blog, or even better, a professional. 

You have 140 characters and if you are boring, moaning and complaining I will unfollow you, what’s wrong with that? Don’t take it personally. Why can’t you unfollow someone on twitter without them calling you up on it? 

You have 140 characters to be original. I get it, you wrote a blog post. Why are you telling me every 10 minutes? Tell me things I don’t know about you, entice everyone in to your life. We are on there because we want to connect. We are not going to if all you tweet are links to your posts/business website every 2 seconds. 

You have 140 characters to change someone’s day for the better so go ahead and do it.  

Opinions please? Am I just being a grumpus? Perhaps I am using twitter wrong? 

Did you hear about my door saga yesterday? Did you see my blog business cards? Yes. Things are about to get kerrr-azy on here. So get involved



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Jay Mountford //

I swear, you have just written a much politer version of the same post I wrote on my personal blog this morning.

Nodding in agreement reading ALL of this.

Lipstick //

So honest. I know I harp on sometimes, but I'm not horrible to anyone. I've started un-following lots of people lately for these precise reasons.

Diana, Rose Garden Accessories //

Certainly agree about the bitching, but personally I have no problem with moaning and complaining in my timeline, in fact I prefer to read about someone's crappy day or awkward customer than how they have 500 orders to pack 🙂

PhoebeMiller //

Ah I do agree, boasting is bad manners. I don't mean I never want to hear it, as in, we all have our bad days, you can use twitter for support. But when everyday is a bad day….

Frankie //

This is excellent, thanks for writing this! All the people (about 6 or 7) that I've unfollowed have been because they were SO negative, moaning about life, and, worst of all, moaning about others. Horrible.

Debbie Stogden //

Good point, well made! Afraid I do occasionally forget and have a moan, but usually about failure of domestic appliances, definitely not people. That is and should remain a private conversation!

Meryl //

I am pretty frustrated with people who repeat the same tweets all the time and use individual tweets to advertise every single item listed on their website. I too am not particularly interested in hearing the minutiae of peoples lives or being wished good night or good morning. However Twitter is out there for people to use as they see fit and it is not really up to anyone to tell anyone else how or when to use it or what to say. I unfollow people and use Twitter less now that I have become bored with all the repeats and listings. I have made some good contacts through Twitter and use it sparingly to avoid the irritations. Tolerance or avoidance is the key. You can't change it no matter how loudly you rant.

mywhimsyways //

I actually find this post useful. I think its hard to know sometimes what to put esp to engage people. I must admit though for being bad on over tweeting about posts on the blog etc but have calmed this down now (I hope) For me the random posts people put are the best as this for me comes across as a little insight into them alot better than what they just ate (although I know I talk about food alot!)

Mel //

Hilarious and true. Problem with twitter sometimes is though as we very often don't know each person IRL it is very hard to always know how someone is meaning what they say. That includes moaning imho. Are they just having a slight comical whinge or are they Victor Meldrew in disguise? that's my dilemma.
I am pretty tolerant ( sort of ) and I am sure people get annoyed with me and hence unfollow but there's one thing you touched on Phoebe that really gets my goat.
The clique-iness (?).Bitching about people in code as you say,being unkind.When I see that on twitter I think,how good is your life that you feel the need to be mean about someone you don't know VIA A COMPUTER much?
I also get a bit fed up with the online lovefests…everyone and everything is SO AMAZING! eeek! WOOP WOOP! ..
Is real life that exciting every hour of every day? do people woop in real life this much?
I shall shut up now but I think you get my drift… I am a positive person don't misunderstand me folks but let's keep it real on twitter as the kids say and let's be kind.
Like someone once said in a well know disney film…If you can't say anything nice.don't say anything at all.Unless it's by DM of course. ( I MAY HAVE ADDED THAT LAST BIT)..


Marianna sminkmakeup //

Spot on Phoebe, I do love Twitter but you are absolutely right there are some definite cons to it and unfortunately I imagine these negatives are here to stay…well at least until tweetiquette becomes second nature to users. Recently I have found myself picking up the phone more and arranging to meet lovely tweeps like you who I really want to connect with. Marianna Xx

Nikki Ward @KnotsandKisses //

It really is a total minefield isn't it .. I know I worry about it all the time! Especially about blog posts being promoted … on one hand you want to reach as many people as possible, especially if some people are only on twitter once a day, but on the other hand I don't want to annoy people who have seen virtually the same tweet already 3 or 4 times that day.
As for the malicious stuff .. people should just get a life … can't belive they've got time to slag other people off via twitter!

PhoebeMiller //

Thank you all so much for your comments! I only had one negative comment about it on twitter along the lines of “people who tweet this are people I unfollow”. Their loss hey?

I agree Marianna, its nice to speak to people. I have recently downloaded skype for that exact reason!


I think it is fine to moan on twitter, just not all day every day.
And to talk about food. Hell yes. I think it is important to update the world what you are having for each meal.

Irene //

Tweeter and Facebook are only kind of medium that help us to get connected with other, even to those we haven't known yet. And yes, that would include moaning but not about bitching. Love your write Phoebe. Wish you don't mind if I share this link in Facebook 🙂
It's nice to know you.