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Over the last two days I have looked at up and coming trends for weddings in 2012.

Colours and Flowers for 2012
Themes and Styling for 2012

Listed below are my top three trends I would like to see abolished. Please? I am all for trends, if it makes the couple happy then that is wonderful. However, there are few trends that have gained momentum over the last couple of years and I just don’t understand why.

If you have never seen or used a typewriter, why are you having one? If you have no love for writing, why are you having one? Because everyone else has? Because they are pretty? Use something that you love! If you like travelling, have your guests write little notes on an old map of your favourite country, love fishing? Write on a cod (perhaps not, but you understand what I am saying?) Why pile up old books for centrepieces if you’ve never even heard of 80% of the authors or have no real interest in literature? In to music? Use old vinyls instead. Why have you got suitcases everywhere? Are you off travelling in the 1940s? Why are your guests sitting on hay-bales? Why?!

Of course, there are some things you may never have seen before a wedding yet you have them, but lets not get pedantic.

I didn’t want to offend anyone by choosing a real photo, so I got creative.

Seriously, you do not look moody and cool. You look like a grumpy, ungrateful bride. How do you explain the above image to your grand-children? Why weren’t you smiling? We learn to show our happiness from an early age through smiling so do it on your damn wedding day. There is nothing prettier than a smile, regardless of what you think about it.  It certainly does not look like it = ♥


I have said it before and I will say it again. Why pick gerberas as your wedding flowers? They have no redeeming qualities? There are SO MANY beautiful flowers to choose from so stop it.

Any other wedding trends that annoy you or you would like to see rid of?


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Wedding Sparrow //

Been loving your guides to trends this week 🙂 I am one (as you know) who is guilty of not smiling in pictures and showing teeth 🙁 I try my best but I end up looking like an axe murderer! Some of us just weren't born that way but I'm hoping my guests will agree that I'm happy in person so all will be forgiven I'm sure… 😉

p.s. totally agree on the Gerbera's ~ I hate them!

Fiona //

Just brilliant. Not sure gerberas as AS BAD as the other two (but I'm not a massive fan), but those other two need to disappear and fast.

PhoebeMiller //

Sparrow – the thing is, you can't help but smile uncontrolably all day, so to have a photo of you not smiling is just not respective of your wedding day. And I have seen you smiling and you look just as beautiful. So pipe down and grin.

Jade Lisa //

Me to my wedding florist: “Go mad, fill the pots with whatever flowers work best, but please don't fill them with those f***ing gigantic daisies.” Ugh why do they exist!

Gemma //

i am so with you on gerberas- so many florists tried to foist them onto me. Gerberas and roses- AKA the easy way out for florists!

asti1234 //

I agree with all three comments Phoeb's. Though I do like Gerbera's, just not at weddings. I have a big white gerbera in my beetle!
With regards to contrived weddings, this is where we are struggling a bit. D and I each wrote a list of things we 'love'. Both our lists are long! The top ones on mine included the cats, mac make up, bows, pearls, sunshine and polka dots. The obvious ones can be included on the day, but the cats??!! How the hell can I include them without looking like a crazy cat woman? Xxx

kat //

Hahaha, love the illustrated examples! You need to pimp yourself out as a wedding illustrator, like the chap who does the ones at trials.

Have to admit, I love a solemn, pensive (aka moody) bride (actually if they're sobbing away in joy that's awesome) but only in context and if there's a mix of happy smiling photos too from the day.

As for gerberas…bletch. For some reason I associate them with Ikea or Athena posters. Sorry gerbera lovers, I can't help it.


Jules //

I love it when you write posts like this! In my books there is worse flowers than gerberas, carnations and gypsophila. They were strictly banned at my wedding.
Can we abolish the cupcake trend for 2012? Bring back proper, decent cakes. Doesn't have to be fruit cake, just cake that tastes good.

PhoebeMiller //

Sparrow – get your pegs out!! 🙂

Jo – Challenge accepted 😉

Looks like we have a couple of gerbera fans out there. Each to their own. I could have written an extensive list of things I don't like at weddings such as birdcages, tacky photo booths and buffets. But that is just my personal preference isn't it?

Jules – I've asked several times for no cupcakes, but it appears to still be going strong. Perhaps 2013 will be the year of the cake!

Is there anything else?