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Some Love | UK Wedding Blog

These are just a few people who have made this year lovely…in no particular order! And this is not a definitive list….

Anna – for the late night emails, I continue to admire you
Boris and Doris – such beautiful stationery 
Kizzy Charisma – the goddess of hair 
Anna Nicholson – cute little blog (Angel in the North)
KnotsandKisses – ultra supportive on twitter
Love My Dress – for blogging brilliance
A Future Wife – for being very lovely
Amy Lewin – we have so much in common, lovely lady and beautiful photos.
Cloggins – for introducing the wedding reporter in to our lives
Foxes and Pheasants – tweed galore! 
Gypsy Rose – seriously breathtaking floristry and achingly witty.
Laura Babb – blown away since day one.
Leah Spicer – I need to meet you. Need.
Ali Lovegrove – beautiful images, does stuff for charity – what’s not to love?
Wedding Ideas – for constant wedding inspiration
Jo Anne Bilham – make up goddess, watch her youtube tutorials!
Bloomingayles – I want to steal your hair still.
Laura McCluskey – she is my sister from another mister
Firenza Floral Design – just as lovely in person!
Laurra – inspiring lady, full of knowledge and always up for cake.
Mrs PandP – for being supportive
Andy Garfitt – fantastic photographer, lovely in person. 
Pocket Full of Dreams – gorgeous mood-boards all year round
Leafy Couture – floral beauty, gorgeous new baby boy and all round warm and welcoming lady. 
ImageSweetness – seriously, follow her on Instagram. Swoon.
Alison Butcher – for being very funny
Brides and Beauty – for being the fountain of skin and beauty knowledge
Sarah Spence – for supporting the blog, and supplying beautiful jewels 
Mrs Scoops – Betty and Sid plus a very lovely lady!
London Bride – my girl crush
Lil Guys – for the sloes
Sandras Flowers – I finally got to meet a fellow Yellow Belly, she also has wonderful floral talents
Chris Seddon – photography eye candy
Florence Finds – brilliant new lifestyle blog, which I have had the honour of contributing to
Brides Up North – for bringing wedding recognition north of the M25.
James Lester – amazingly supportive, wonderful photos, wears nice suits and has a beeeeautiful other half. 
Wedding Sparrow – for detailing the journey of what will be a wonderful wedding
Brady Lady – she is lovely, and the luckiest person I know
Toast of Leeds – someone I would like to meet this year!
Fairy Nuff Flowers – because she is just wonderful.
Joanna Millington – witty, amusing and cracking photography skills.
Jane at HF Couture – for saying it like it is, a lot of respect for this lady
Love Vintage Tea – because I forgot her first time round and she is lovely, sorry! 
LMX Creative – great guy and great photos
Rudy and Marta – photographers across the pond, jealousy inducing weddings.
No 9 Bridal Couture – amazing bridal gowns.
Rachel and Pops– for becoming a friend :)
Natalie Ramsell – wonderfully talented and far too modest. 
ComedinewithRach – for witty tweets
The Vintage Veil – because she has promised a friendship bracelet
Cat Hepple – for producing my favourite image of 2011
Elle is for Love – I would be lost with out this lovely lady!
Gabrielle McMillan – beautiful photos
Wedding Magazine – the bible
Tux and Tales – I have no words. You are amazing. 

For Auld Lang Syne | UK Wedding Blog

The only photo I could find from a New Year where I don’t have my eyes closed. 

I don’t like making resolutions, mainly because they are broken within 2 weeks. However, I do think that January is a great time to reassess your current goals and objectives and see how you are getting along. 

My heart and soul have poured in to the blog, since about September time (after all the illness bla bla bla) and it has shown, my stats have increased, comments have increased, and little secret DMs or emails have increased (which I loveeee). 

So my blog’s resolutions are:

  • To continue being awesome (re arrogant and pretentious
  • To feature more real weddings, because I know you love it. You may not leave comments but my stats tell me so. 
  • To do more collaborative work
  • To feature more suppliers from Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, my two favourite counties. Both have a hell of a lot to offer.
  • To buy a camera so I can actually show you decent photos. 
  • To be nice to others
  • World peace (oh no wait, that’s a different list)
I adore doing the “weeks” on the blog. So far we have had cakes, stationery and flowers. What could be next? 

I will also do more DIY. And if I can’t do it. I will point you to where you can find out how. Probably Adore by Chloe.

I will keep reading Love My Dress. Because it is the best wedding blog. And a wonderful place for inspiration. 

I hope you have a lovely New Years Eve. Drink and be merry, laugh with those you love and love those with whom you laugh. 

A Quick Catch Up | UK Wedding Blog

Did you have a lovely Christmas? Have you consumed your weight in wrapped chocolate and guzzled copious amounts of champagne. Are you ready to do it all over again this weekend? If you follow me on twitter @phoebewedding, you will have seen some of these photos but its good to update everyone, whether they may care or not…

I got creative

Sent my list to “Father Christmas”
But Father Christmas came back with these…
 Some Christmas Eve baking

Christmas Day

Chase got dressed up

as did Geoff

 Dinner party 

 I feel like I am forgetting something? I think I got another gift? Hmmmm…Oh yeah….I opened this….

And I got a fricking puppy. A real one. 

His name will be Atticus and he arrived on the 7th January

Merry Christmas!! | UK Wedding Blog


Just in case you are passing. Merry Christmas!! Now go back to being gluttonous.  


Please Please Please | UK Wedding Blog

Need I say more? Have a lovely Christmas. Drink, be merry, laugh lots and love even more. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. It always means a lot. 

Lots of Christmas Love

Seriously…Let It Snow – One Photo Friday | UK Wedding Blog

More like Copious Photo Friday. I am annoyed. Its not Christmas without snow…this blog post is a raindance equivalent. 

Listen to this….

All images from here

Snow now please. 

{A Maryland Wedding} | UK Wedding Blog

On the blog today is the winter wedding of Lauren and Jeremy from Maryland, this wedding is so unique to the couple, filled with personal touches and not traditional at all. I adore the stationery, Lauren has an art degree and designed it all herself. She opted for a 1950s inspired dress and they chose not to have a bridal party, flowers or formal attire, and they let their guests chose their outfits from any decade that inspired them. The ceremony included musical performances from friends and family and then their personal vows. 

The reception was held in a theatre. Instead of a sit down meal, they opted for an espresso bar, candy, pop corn, trail mix, dessert, and then a film. I love everything about this wedding. It is so unique and it goes to show that sometimes you don’t need a million bridesmaids and a morning suit just to show everyone how in love you are.

Photography – Peter Bang 
Brides Dress – Dolly Couture
Venue – Weinberg Centre for the Arts
Stationery – Lauren said “I designed the invitation, info card, and ticket in Illustrator, then had a metal plate for printing made from a PDF. My uncle pressed them on an old printing press that he owns.”

You should also have a look at their engagement shoot. It included coffee, chess and Harry Potter. I was sold.

Engagement – One Year On {By Rachel} | UK Wedding Blog

As it’s a Wednesday I am handing these striped pages over to Rachel, who this week talks about the her year of being engaged

It’s been over a year since the big question, and now just over six months until the big day. I believe it’s tradition to start thinking about what you’ve achieved over the past year around Christmas, and so I will be no different. What I have learned since being thrown head first into the world of weddings?
To start with I was absolutely brimming with excitement. It sounds like a cliché but I really was one of those little girls who dreamed of their wedding, even though I was adamant I would never get married. Quite how I thought that was going to work I don’t know. I already had heaps of ideas about venues, decorations and how the day was going to work. I knew who I wanted there and what I was going to wear. The thing is when I actually started planning properly – rather than it being just the stuff of daydreams – everything got turned on its head a little bit.
Now one year later, our wedding looks a whole lot different to what I had in my head last December. And really, that’s not a bad thing. With all the big things ticked off the ‘to-do’ list and a whole lot more to do besides, our big day is really starting to take shape. I admit that we have compromised a little bit on some things to keep people happy but overwhelmingly it’s our day just the way we want it.
It probably helped that I’m quite a traditional girl at heart and I never entertained the idea of having anything but a church ceremony, speeches and all the trimmings. The church we have chosen was always meant to be as I was christened there and my parents were married there too. In fact, when I approached the church to ask if we could be married there I was told, “of course! It wouldn’t be right for you to be married anywhere else!” And quite honestly, it wouldn’t.
At the start of 2011, I was up to my eyes in wedding blogs and magazines. I couldn’t see the marriage through the veil (insert any other wedding cliché here) and that’s ok. But now as we head into 2012; the year of our wedding, the year I become a Mrs – I am just excited that I finally get to marry my boy. And I’d even do it in the presence of chair covers and scatter crystals… ok, maybe that’s taking things too far.

Hopefully not that far…I think we all set out with this “idea” in mind, but often can’t put that idea in to words, let alone a genre, colour theme or style. The thing is, on the day, it will be exactly how you intended from the beginning, whether its vintage, modern, shabby or bohemian, it is your wedding day, and it will be the most wonderful day ever. 

Blue & Gold | UK Wedding Blog

It’s heart-warming and a wonderful winter/Christmas palette for the home, or for your wedding. 

Did you enjoy Laura’s wedding yesterday? Its officially 5 days till Christmas, you know when you have hit the 20s on the advent calender that you are nearly there. Christmas eve is my most treasured day of the year. The anticipation, the excitement, the wonderful TV, copious amounts of mulled wine and my mothers fish pie. 

Here are some things my mighty iphone captured over the weekend…

Are you ready? Are you excited? Do you like blue and gold? Have you asked for a puppy/Canon EOS for Christmas but think you’ll get neither? Me too. 

{A Bonfire Night Bride} | UK Wedding Blog

I believe that Laura has graced the pages of this blog a couple of times before, the latest was to do with the Brides Up North tweet up we attended together.  Having spoken to Laura for months on twitter, we had our first encounter in a pub before going to the tweet up. We were in the same boat, we laughed nervously, we drank, we networked, we got lots of sweets, took lots of photos and we left. It was wonderful. I then suggested an xfactor style sleepover chez moi, she brought along her beautiful pup Daisy, Diet Coke, and salt & vinegar chip sticks. From that day forth I declared us the best of friends and I wanted her to stay for forever.
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