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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Name: Siân Wild

Company Name: The Flower Lounge
Twitter: @flower_lounge

Advice to a bride when going to her first flower consultation.

Try to have an idea of the style of wedding that you want-classic, vintage, funky etc. Also, gather pictures of ideas that you like in your scrap book. It gives florists a really good starting point so that we can understand the look you’re trying to achieve.

Your most memorable wedding.

We recently worked at The Ashes wedding venue in Staffordshire which was lovely as we hadn’t worked there before. It’s a gorgeous venue. Lousie and Phil were lovely couple and a dream to work with all the way through the planning process. They had an idea of what they wanted and then just let us do our thing. There were lots of gorgeous Norma Jean ivory roses, hydrangeas, bouvardia and lots of other white blousy flowers. They’ve both kept in contact through facebook, it’s always lovely when we hear from the happy couple after the day.

What flowers did you have or would you have at your own wedding?

I’m not married yet  but my flowers would probably be hot pink hydrangeas, deep burgundy peonies and lots of gorgeous rich shades of roses. I’d use lots of large silver vases, candleabra and chunky candles.

What is your favourite flower?

At the moment hydrangea but I’m very fickle and love whatever’s in season at the time.

Favourite Colours:

I love deep reds, hot pinks and lime greens.

Favourite Film:

Four weddings and a funeral of course!

Favourite Song:

Slide away by  Oasis

Favourite Month:

December-I love Christmas!

Favourite Drink:

I like a good cocktail every now and again

Favourite Food:

Vegetarian toad in the hole…a nice warm
wintery meal.

Favourite Word:

Gorgeous. I use it all the time when describing flowers

Favourite Perfume:

Gucci II

Favourite Book:

I’m quite geeky and love all my floral designer books. If I’m feeling in need of a lift I’ll get all my books out and have a little inspiration session.

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