Sloe Down

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

One of the main things I love about winter is that gin changes also. From crisp tonic, plenty of ice and a slice of lime to quench me on a summers day. To a moody purple and a splash of tonic or cloudy lemonade to warm you out in the cold. I love sloe gin. And you really can’t beat home-made sloe gin. I think it would make a great favour. Attach a beautiful tag marked “love potion” and settle amongst all of the wintry flowers and berries at the wedding tables. 

Decanter your sloe gin into little bottles…

A little too OTT? From Etsy

These are from Lakeland. Good ol Lakeland

Or is this idea just for lushes? Go and get picking before it’s too late!


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Lisa //

Big fan of sloe gin also – although maybe attempting homemade schnapps for wedding favours. Wish me luck!