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Its that time again when I bore inform you of what I am currently loving. This time its quite eclectic, I wouldn’t say I have a style, or live my life a certain way…but if you feel you can sum it up in three words then feel free to partake in the comment box. More people should leave comments, I know you’ve read it…my stats tell me so. (Hello Croatia) Anyway…

If you haven’t had this elderflower liqueur; you haven’t lived. Fact. 
I can now talk to my friends abroad, who I miss dearly. Hey Lindsay! (Cheesy)

Balmy, rainy nights with the promise of thunder lingering in the air
My daily pro-biotic – I don’t know if they work, but psychologically I think they are doing something

Van Cleef and Arpels – Feerie, smells like violets – heaven.  Downside is that bees like it too.

I heart Pinterest. 

Loving allllll of this


It goes without saying…I ALWAYS love puppies

What are you currently loving?

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