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Name: Natalie Ramsell 
Stationery style/what you can offer? 
At the moment, my predominant style is quirky vintage and it’s a style I really love, but that’s not to say it’s all I do! I work with each couple to achieve the look and feel they are after with their stationery.

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Where does your inspiration come from? 
I surround myself with prettiness and spend hours on end reading wedding and design blogs – well, I say reading, I mean I look at pictures! Most of my inspiration comes from my clients though; they all have different interests and styles that they like. It’s important to take inspiration from them in order to create something personal and true to them.

Any tips on wording etiquette?
To be honest, everyone is different and I think things are changing from the more traditional wording. To me, it is essential for the couple’s personality to shine through on their wedding stationery. It has become more acceptable to be creative with it. I’d say that the couple should work closely with the stationer to come up with the right wording to reflect them.

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Any tips to those thinking of DIY stationery?
This is a tough one. I think that if you are creative, you should go for DIY stationery. It is however incredibly time consuming. A lot of brides decide to do DIY stationery to try and save money, but they don’t realise how much work it actually involves, particularly if they are wanting more than a bit of ribbon on card. I might be biased, but I would say that before going DIY, talk to a stationer and see what can be done with the budget you have, you will probably be surprised.

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How far in advance should you order? 
The sooner the better but ideally you should start working with your stationer at least a month before you want to mail the invitations out. This allows time for design, any amends that might be needed and also printing and finishing.

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Trends for 2011?
People are wanting to be more creative and a bit different with their wedding stationery, which is important as the invitations are the first glimpse that your guests are going to have of your special day. Themed weddings are becoming more and more popular and stationery plays an integral part in these. Vintage is still huge and I can’t see it leaving any time soon.

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