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Rebecca Jones – Managing Director, Ever After Designs

Stationery style/what you can offer?
I offer unique handmade wedding stationery and my collections reflect many different themes and styles such as floral, vintage, nature, and glamorous. Clients can either choose from one of my collections or they can take advantage of my bespoke service which is becoming ever more popular.

Where does your inspiration come from?
I take inspiration from lots of different sources. Nature is a large influence for me, specifically flowers and natural products such as wooden embellishments, natural raffia and handmade papers/fibres. I am also a huge fan of textiles, ribbon and lace as I find them to be so versatile.  Most of my designs also focus on texture, in addition to design and colour.

Any tips on wording etiquette?
I firmly believe that wording is a very personal choice. There are all sorts of traditional rules and regulations regarding wording etiquette that I think are becoming a little old fashioned. I would say go with your heart, do some research and most importantly, ask your stationer for help and suggestions. It is after all your wedding day, so if you want to ask for money instead of gifts, then do so.

Any tips to those thinking of DIY stationery
DIY weddings are becoming very popular, especially now at this time of financial uncertainty. I think some people underestimate the amount of time and precision it takes to produce stationery, especially if it is handmade. Supplies can also be very expensive when purchased in small quantities. Quite often it can work out more cost effective to pay a stationer to do it all for you.

How far in advance should you order?
My turnaround time is around 4 to 6 weeks. I would recommend ordering at least 6 weeks before the stationery is needed.

Trends for 2011?
Vintage weddings have been popular for a while now and I think this theme will continue to be popular for some years. Lace, pearls, pastel colours, ditsy florals and ribbon are all popular elements for vintage style wedding stationery.
As more and more couples are choosing to get married abroad, destination stationery is really coming to the forefront of current trends. Beach style designs and also more destination specific designs such as Vegas, Australia and New York.
Another popular trend is monochrome stationery. Black and white really is timeless, just like the ‘little black dress’ that never goes out of fashion.

In terms of colours, purple is really hot at the moment, in all different shades, from pale lilac right through to sumptuous dark purple.

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