Stationery Week Is Here

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

This week will be dedicated to stationers. How else would you let your guests know whats occurring and when? From the get go, you use a stationers skills to embody the theme and aspirations for your day. When a guest receives their save the date they get their first glimpse into your wedding. 

It’s a part of your wedding planning that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I think if you are crafty by nature then you could do your own stationery, but be prepared for long nights, fiddly ribbons and errors. Plenty of errors. I  personally made my own save the dates, realised what an effort it was, then bought the rest because for me, the low cost didn’t outweigh the time and skill required to create something that I would be proud of. After all, they were going to mantlepieces around the world.

I hope that the blog posts this week give you an insight not only into how many fantastic suppliers there are to choose from, but how personal your stationery can be. They will appear in alphabetical order to show no favouritism, although I do love them all. 

At the end of the week, I will attempt to make a completely original invite and tell you how long it takes to make just 1. I’d like to think I am quite the craftswomen so I reckon it will be a breeze…just like the cupcakes.

Stationery Week Itinerary 

Monday – Bonnie Blackbird and Cards by Sophie

Tuesday – Elle is for Love and Ever After Designs

Wednesday – Golden Apple and I Am Nat

Thursday – JB Creatives and Knots and Kisses

Friday – Lilguys and MakemydayUK

Saturday – Amazingness by Phoebe Miller

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