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As you may have read on twitter (due to copious amounts of moaning) I have been a bit off colour lately. With various trips a l’hôpital I am now much better. Quick note to say “thank you NHS”.

Various things have kept me sane over this time, most of my sanity was found in food. But there will always be the little things that cheer up even the damned of days…

Goes without saying (Source)

Clean Sheets

It’s nearly run out, so time for a new bottle!


My Best Friend
Dandie Dinmonts

Floral Gums

My Twitter Addiction

Do you have little things that you turn to? Are mine peculiar? 


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Lady Cherry //

I am currently loving gin as well. Anytime, any place, anywhere – yeah I know that's for Martini but it suits me just fine 🙂 sorry you have been poorly, glad you are better now xx

Debbie @ Mia Rose Tiaras //

I love the twitter addiction packet too….although I like to think that twitter is actually good for my health and not harming it!

Glad to see you are feeling a bit more chipper now hun xx

Laura Pops //

There are certain strange things that I turn to too… twitter being one of them as there are so many great people on there. I like your little post, lots of hugs! x