The Fake Tan Quandary

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
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This topic shouldn’t be taken lightly. To fake tan or not for your wedding day? Should THE most important day of your life be marred by the scent of eau de fake tan? 

Just don’t do it. Especially if you have a wedding from September through to May. Pale and interesting will always look beautiful compared to tinge de l’orange. Only do it if you can guarantee that you will look naturally bronzed, that it wont rub off on dress and that you wont look back in your photos and think “why the eff “.

If you don’t usually fake tan, why would you do it for your wedding day? Yes you may not want to look washed out and pale, but you could just exfoliate, body buff then apply Benefit’s Bathina. Think glowing. If you feel you REALLY have to, use Garnier’s summer body…just one coat, it does what it says on the tin.

SO are you fake tanning for your wedding? Let me know if you did and what your thoughts were.

PS – wasn’t the Royal Wedding magical?!


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Cat hepple //

As a photographer may I add an orange glow looks awful in images, it's really hard to edit beautifully, especially if your groom is still pale and interesting.

I always advise brides to go easy on the fake tan.


bigblondewedding //

I'm undecided about what to do! I'm getting married in summer so I don't want to look really pale but I don't want to be orange either. I wouldn't want to look completely different in my wedding pictures.

I'm thinking about using some sort of gradual tan product to get a little glow and even out my skin tone. I think that might be a nice compromise and I've got plenty of time left to experiment!

Anonymous //

I think you should look as natural as possible ~ a healthy glow will help this: talk to a beautician before going ahead and remember: orange skin and brighter-than-white whitened teeth is not a good look! your future husband needs to recognise u as u walk down the aisle!


Marianna //

As a professional make-up artist, I always advise my brides to NOT run to the (fake tan) bottle! In my experience it really sits on the pores and also, it is very hard to get an even application – even from a profesional salon.. Unless you always fake tan and people are used to seeing you with an orange hue, I would highly recommend you stay your natural colour, or use a gradual spray as mentioned by Phoebe above.
For the record, if you are hiring a makeup artist, they should tie in foundations to suit your natural colour rather than match you “up” to the foundation – brown faces and white necks are not good. Ever!

Karen //

I stayed pale for my wedding. And I'm VERY pale. I never fake tan, never used a sunbed and actually I've never had a natural tan either. I just don't tan. I wanted to look like me, so I just stayed pale.

I just exfoliated and moisturiesed and had nice satiny-smooth pale skin on the day. I don't know if anyone commented on it, if they did I couldn't give two hoots! I was delighted with how I looked, so that's all that matters!

Debbie @ Mia Rose Tiaras //

I have tried every fake tanning product known to man and on my wedding day used 'No.7 gradual tanning lotion' – sure I didn't look “brown” – but I had a slightly better tone to my milky white skin covered in freckles.

God knows what Anne Hathaway had done to herself on the above picture – she looks like an umpa lumpa!